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This article defines official ED Policy.
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Consult the ED style guide and you will be well on your way to success!

  1. Basic Rules - very important read!
  2. When is it crap?
  3. Wiki-specific markup
  4. Why not pipe?
  5. Why not pie?
  6. Good Joke:Word Count Ratio
  7. Internet Relevance
  8. ED vs. Wikipedia
  9. ED Is Not
  10. Templates
  11. Strikethroughs
  12. Image Selection Process
  13. The Encyclopedia Dramatica Guide to Article Building

Hi there! This is ED's Style Guide. Here's where you'll find hot ProTips for making your shit article a verifiable internets success.

Step Zero: The Very Basics (Wiki Format)

  • To link to another ED article, [[do this]]. If you did it right, it'll look like this: do this.
  • To pipe that link (i.e., use another word for it), [[do this|hi there]]. If you did it right, it'll look like this: hi there.
  • To add a template, {{dothis}}. If you did this correctly, it will look like a template.
  • To add a picture, [[Image:Do this.jpg|thumb|FUNNY TEXT GOES HERE]]. If you did this correctly, a thumbnail of your picture will appear on the righthand side of your article
  • To link outside of ED, [http://dothis.com Do this]. If you did this correctly, it'll look like this: Do this
  • To make your font bold or italic, add ''' for bold and '' for italic.

Step One: Write Fucking Nothing (Article Prep)

Before you write a single goddamn thing, here is what you should do:

  • Know what you are talking about. If, for example, you are writing an article on Quizilla, you should be familiar with it. If you want to add lulz to an existing article, it would be helpful to lurk near the subject of the article.
  • Lurk Moar. Getting to know the style and flow of existing {{notcrap}} articles is bound to help your own wiki skillz.
  • Links plz. Find links that are relevant to your subject. The more drama, lulz, or memedom behind your links, the better the article will turn out.
    • PROTIP: Always ALWAYS add a link to the subject itself. If you are writing about Quizilla, you WILL add a link to www.quizilla.com.
  • Ruff draft. Write it out first and put it somewhere not important, such as Wikipedia. If you are not comfortable with your draft, rewrite. If you complete an article, and you still do not feel it conveys the lulz you are looking for, ask for assistance.
  • Crack your knuckles. God, that felt good.

Step Two: Write Fucking Everything (Writing the Article)

Though we've been surprised before, we usually assume that you know how to read and write when you decide to contribute to the site. That said, here are some Protips regarding your new article.

  • RTFM. If you haven't already, read Step Zero. In fact, open it in a seperate tab for quick reference.
  • A layout is fine too. With few exceptions, good articles are split up into a few sections. This is much easier on the eyes than a big wall of text, even if it does have paragraph breaks. Adding == to either side of a word or phrase will give it its own header.
    • PROTIP: If you want to get fancy, you can further break down sections with ===. One of those will give your text the same effect as two <big>s with <bold> too.
  • Pix plz. Unless you are writing a shitty stub and praying to be banned, you're going to want to find some pictures for your article. We have a huge database of pictures already, and you should at least take a look at them. Failing that, go find your own images, upload it, and stick it on your page to max out your pretty factor.
  • Why not pipe? Why not indeed? But in lieu of piping, be sure to link to at least a few other pages on ED. This will increase page views dramatically.
  • Add a cat. A cat is fine too. A category, however, will make your article more visible and will save it from being categorized as crap.
  • Use the preview button. Meet your new best friend: the preview button. Even veteran dramaticians sometimes forget to add that second bracket, and saving it in such a state will make them look like total fucktards. You are the new generation; you have no excuse for looking like that. In fact, I will ban you on sight if you refuse to use the preview button. Guaranteed.

Step Three: ????

Step Four: Profit! (Post-Article Creation)

Lean back and look upon that which you hath wrought. Every active sysop is watching recent changes like a hawk, looking for articles with the big N next to it; we WILL read it. We will also probably criticize it, edit it mercilessly, and some asshole will probably add {{crap}} to it. No worries, though. If you followed all the directions, nodded solemnly at my HAWT TIPS, and added categories, links and pictures to your article, you should be fine.

Do these things now:

  • Find new friends. Do this IRL and on the wiki too. Find new friends for your baby article by linking to it from other articles. For instance, if you wrote the article "Gays For God", you will want to add [[Gays For God]] to Homosexual, God, and maybe even Christian.
  • Get on IRC fgt. You are now a full-blown ED writer. Show your face on IRC so we can get to know you better. This is important, because pretty much all the n00bs who lurk constantly on ED IRC end up getting considered for sysop. Providing we don't hate you, of course.
  • Repeat. Keep writing articles. Failing that, keep editing existing ones. Failing THAT, look around on the community portal for ways to kill time while keeping your ED cred.

Required Reading

Well, that's it! That's all you really need to know to write your very own article. Consult these other pages and you will be well on your way to stardom!

  1. Basic Rules - very important read!
  2. When is it crap?
  3. Wiki-specific markup
  4. ED:Formatting
  5. Why not pipe?
  6. Why not pie?
  7. Good Joke:Word Count Ratio
  8. Internet Relevance
  9. ED vs. Wikipedia
  10. ED Is Not
  11. Templates
  12. Image Selection Process
  13. Strikethrough