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This article defines official ED Policy.
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As a Sysop, you are no better than any other user on the Wiki. You were given privileges for the sole purpose of keeping the Wiki clean and free of spam and vandals, not as an inflation of your self-esteem or e-peen.

As such, below are a list of things that are acceptable to delete:

  • SPAM.
  • Advertisements or solicitations.
  • Posts containing illegal content (Warez, Child Porn, .. etc)
  • Vandalism.
  • Posts containing the personal social security or financial information of someone other than the poster. This includes:
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Credit Card Numbers

Encyclopedia articles, or other content, MUST follow this criteria to be considered for deletion. For defamation/libel/slander please direct the user to our removal policy.

It is NOT okay to delete/move:

  • Articles that you do not believe to be relevant to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Get a consensus before taking action.
  • Articles that are not formatted correctly. Every article we have means something to someone somewhere, and you do not have enough knowledge to decide what and what is not worthy. Refer the user to the style guide, if they do not fix it within a reasonable time, and you are not able/willing to fix it yourself then throw the {{crap}} tag on it and WALK AWAY, someone will come along eventually to fix it.
  • Posts which you do not personally agree with and posters that disagree with you.
  • Due to recent abuses, the privilege for Sysop to ban users and delete articles unchecked have been removed. As such, you will now need a consensus before deleting any existing articles or moving new/old articles to userspace. All deletions are logged as you know.

We all know what a shit-post is. This is not Wikipedia, so just use your discretion and communicate with your fellow administrators and things should run smoothly.

As for banning

  • Other than illegal content uploaders (CP, etc) you may ban vandals and spammers only. This includes:
    • Butthurt Revisionists; Someone who changes article text to decrease the lulz.
    • Swappers: Swapping out an article's text for say, boring Wikipedia copypasta in an attempt to trick Admins into thinking they made a legit edit.
    • Assholes: Some users are just dicks. This does not mean you can ban anyone and everyone just because you don't like them, however if someone is being a complete douche nozzle and fucking up the flow of operations or creating a huge distraction you are more than welcome to squash them.

Abusing the banhammer will result in a warning and probably eventual loss of privileges.

Site Maintenance

  • The Main Page: You as an ED Sysop are required to watch the Main Page to make sure there are featured articles/pictures/videos/quotes. We don't care who you are, how long you have been here or who you know. It is everyone's duty to make sure these are lined up for at least a week, or at least ensure that there's future content within 3 days of the (current) day.
  • Building our contributor base: As an ED Sysop you are required to help new users to become better old users. We have lost potential good contributors due to overzealous sysops banning them before they could learn, so now it is part of your job to stop the hemorrhage of good new users by helping out the n00bs. Don't be a douchebag; be excellent to each other. Remember, You were a n00b once before.
  • Turd polishing: As an ED Sysop, you are required to fix new articles so that they are suitable quality for prime time. Moving articles to userspace is confusing to new users. As such, moved articles are eventually given up on out of frustration; this is why articles that should take less than a day or so to complete are to be left in the main space. User space will be reserved for rewrites and for experienced users to do whatever they want with, etc.
  • Meta Settings: As a Sysop, you are now able to manage the Meta settings of a given page. Configuring them can massively boost our ratings on Google Search, thus bringing in Over 9000 more hits. Title alias is for the title, and what shows up in the taskbar of your browser. Keywords are the most important thing to set, we recommend adding them in every page you find. Make sure they're relevant and clickbait-y terms, so that we show up in Google search. Description is what the page's desc. shows up as on Google search. Please add meta tags to pictures that have been uploaded as well.
  • Link Archiving: Please Archive.is any links you find. Any links from sites like Gawker (and it's offshoots like Kotaku, Jezebel, etc) must be replaced with an archive.is link or removed entirely, depending on how important the article is to the page. Click Here and replace the link with (*.kotaku.com , *.jezebel.com , *.deadspin.com , *.io9.com , *.valleywag.com , *.salon.com) or other SJW clickbait sites. Then go through the links listed and replace them.
  • Image Sorting: Please look through: Image Dumps, Encyclopedia Dramatica:Picture of the Now/Unused, User:Onideus/Categorized Unused Material, or Unused Files. Then take images from one of these pages and put them onto an appropriate article. For instance, if you found a picture of Eric Cartman, you'd put it onto the South Park page.
  • Page Maintenance: Categorize: Uncategorized pages. Link Orphaned pages to other pages.

For more work, check the toolbox for Special pages and look through there for shit to do.

Finally, you are required to look over this page regularly for updates of Sysop policy. Good day.