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Encyclopedia of Stupid or EOS was a new wiki created in 1984 by a gang of Something Awful goons who apparently felt that the SA forums alone were not enough to satisfy their fucktardedness, so they must now multiply and spread their old memes to new areas of the Internets. In other words, just another parody of TOW that tried (and fails miserably) to be as good as Encyclopedia Dramatica.

The Site

The only edit that entire day.

Because it was new and nobody gave a shit about it, EOS had no more than 99 articles. Most of them consisted of either short, unfunny one-liners, or shitty attempts to copy Zack Parson's writing style with angry, PMS-induced rants dealing with boring, goon-related subjects such as Family Guy or Scientology. Even worse, the contributors, for whatever reason, believed that using the phrase "_____ is stupid" is OMG laugh out loud comedy and thus found it absolutely necessary to add it repeatedly to EVERY FUCKING ARTICLE ON THE SITE.

In conclusion, EOS was nothing more than a lame, sub-par, ED-wannabe. To its credit, it was still much more entertaining and funnier than Uncyclopedia. Then again, even Jerry Seinfeld is funnier than Uncyclopedia.

Zen444 tried writing e-larious articles for the site so it'd be even more fucktarded, but all of them got deleted for not including "So and so is stupid." Also because he's a filthy cuntrag. But for some reason, he didn't fit in with them.

They also ought to be sued for stealing the lulzy phrase "lol dongs" from Encyclopedia Dramatica.

EOS Past and Present

One day, an ED user decided to vandalize every single article on EOS in one night. With there being only 1,010 articles atm, this was a easy task. In one night every single article was vandalized with either a goatse or huge text making it unreadable, the main page (which was not protected in anyway) was replaced with the Pool is Closed. Having accomplished the goal way faster than was thought possible, a second target was set to redirect/move every page, making EOS actually capable of making someone laugh for once.

The following morning Supervisor194 woke to find his ED rip off reconstructed to be an even bigger pile of shit and fail than before. The Admin decided to take his site down for a few hours, and brought it back online changed so that nobody could create an account with them again, but that was not the end. This happened two more times because the person who fucked their wiki in the ass had created 2 more accounts prior to taking up their vandal challenge.

With screen shots inevitably being posted up on ED, Supervisor194 went into super paranoia and would not respond to any requests for new membership, making EOS the very definition of fail: Not funny and can not be made to be funny.

Rumor had it that every full moon the Suppervisor194 would log on to make a slight edit on one of the articles, until the day that the plug was finally pulled on the unfunny collection of horseshit for good.

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