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THE PIC v2.0 prototype
A classic tubgirl image
The Koren Tubgirl.jpg Is much more artsy.

A series of images, purportedly from Japan, depicting a fat Asian woman wearing a superhero mask and shooting orange liquid from her anus. Supporting the idea of Japan as the origin, her vulva is censored while her asshole shooting a fountain of liquid horror is not. Interestingly enough, the orange liquid is in fact orange juice. THE PIC's sickly sweet shit-nectar is rumored to be the only cure for anti-lulz.

THE PIC has inspired legions of nubile young sick fuck women into this fast-growing but yet-to-be-named sexual fad. The Japanese have a word for it! It's called Milk Shake with a twist of lemon.

See also goatse, lemonparty, hai2u, and meatspin (all members of The Power 5, and Power 5 satellite shock pic eel girl. You may also need Eye bleach after viewing these images.

THE PIC v2.0 was released in 2007. You fucking missed it. Nobody saved it, and now you'll never know the joy of gazing into that forbidden geyser of unholiness. Fortunately for you, we've just located her most recent video. You'll want to crank the volume up.


Oh I love Internets,
Provides us with the best
Films of drunken idiots
burning their own faces off.
Fat kids playing at Star Wars
Singers with a real deep voice
Cute kittens doing kung-fu,
Tubgirl coats herself in poo.



Tub Gallery

A motherfucking challenger appears

Tub Monkey

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