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A typical muse will have a paid account, acquired by it's mun sucking up to others.

Entertainment roleplay is a a generally accepted term describing those participants of LiveJournal Roleplay who pretend to be celebrities, often of azn descent. These players are basement dwellers who have no life or 16 year old girls. They share many traits with the population who play animu characters (as that is where they originated) except they aren't weaboos (That's because they are koreaboos). Please note that it is fucking boring.

A recently coined term is musedom. It was coined at Lj-favicon.png museanon. A variant of fandom.

The Basics

Basically to get in on this entertainment roleplay one must enjoy some kind of entertainment. You must also be witty and elitist as with LiveJournal Roleplay.

You must know every little thing about the muse that you plan to portray. If you don't you are OOC.

How to Troll

  1. Make a journal for your muse.
  2. Join a comm.
  3. Fuck up a muse's 'life'. Alternatively fuck with a mun.
  4.  ????
  5. PROFIT!


Terms that you thought you knew from LiveJournal Roleplay can carry different connotation with the muns of entertainment roleplay.

  • Mun - the norm for what players call themselves. Rarely do you see 'player' or 'writer' in this form of roleplay.
  • Muse - the only normal name to call one's character. Any other name means you are batshit crazy and a metagamer.
  • Home - the game that your muse is at. Otherwise known as an LJ comm.
  • IC - In character.
  • OOC - Out of Character.
  • Uber - No, not your faggy twelve year old usage, though its close. The easiest way to explain this shit is when your character knows he's a character. Causes shitstorms.
  • PSL - Private story line. Only those who aren't interested in community life use these. They die after one reply most of the time.


What Lj-favicon.png museanon has been reduced to recently.

Created by BNF anonymous last Thursday, Lj-favicon.png museanon has been a place of (at time) lulz, drama, and faggots congregating to circlejerk. Has been called the /b/ of LJ, and sometimes the Craigslist of LiveJournal. It is likely to have been inspired by Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme and its other relatives. Since its creation, it has gone under new management and gained "rules". Most so-called oldfags know of or have participated in it at some point in time, before they DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING because they are butthurt.

You can easily fit in if you complain about rules, how your muse isn't being fucked, or just bawww in general. Also starting a Japanese versus Korean war would be ideal.

Failed Attempts to Overthrow Museanon

Since its creation, angry muns among others have tried and failed to overthrow the power that is museanon. Museanon has 'closed' on more than one occasion, however only to return to the throne it once had.

Lj-favicon.png gossipmuse was an attempt to start an IC gossip girl based community, utilizing Twitter. Whoever was behind this operation failed epically and must have fallen off the face of the earth.

Lj-favicon.png nonaesum pretty self-explanatory, we think.

Lj-favicon.png saranganon was created in order to try and get the wank/trolling/etc. specifically about the community Lj-favicon.png sarangbox off of museanon. Needless to say, it failed.

Other Notable Incidents

New Ownership of Museanon

Sometime last thursday, museanon's ownership changed from Lj-favicon.png kaya to Lj-favicon.png inheritable after some newfags showed up and posted Lj-favicon.png kaya's information, and she got tired of the burden that comes with owning one of the assholes of the internet. The new mod doesn't give a shit about the place.

Let's Leave Museanon

Happened sometime last Thursday, when a bunch of japs got together and decided that at 12:01AM they would no longer visit museanon. LULZ followed.

Lj-favicon.png Musesanon

Sometime when the mod decided he didn't give a fuck about RP anymore and decided to stop modding Lj-favicon.png museanon, this place was created.

Has recently become a place just for lists.

The Museanon Drinking Game

Shot everytime:

  • someone's looking for a (insert band who recently came back) member to fuck
  • someone says "in b4" or "butthurt" or "samefag" or "lulz"
  • someone tries to troll, badly
  • someone falls for the trolling
  • someone asks if ____ and ____ are fucking
  • someone complains that ____ is gay/a slut/not fucking their muse
  • Lj-favicon.png snsdsooyoung gets talked about
  • Lj-favicon.png aerodynes
  • someone asks for a list of homes
  • someone asks where a face is needed instead of checking claims lists
  • someone asks why we all can't just get alooong
  • someone is butthurt about not being on a list
  • the Japanese muns ask for a new community and it doesn't happen.
  • fat muns
  • avexasia is mentioned
  • museanon is likened to /b/

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Lj-favicon.png betweentrace - people won't join because Lj-favicon.png yongsica's mun runs it.
Lj-favicon.png amaibasil - gayass name. was horrible at first, good in the middle and now sucks again.
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Lj-favicon.png sarangbox - Lj-favicon.png stardoms incarnate. Hated by Lj-favicon.png gyuri who then joined to start more shit.
Lj-favicon.png theramyunbowl


Lj-favicon.png yongsica - Lj-favicon.png dongwoon and Lj-favicon.png dongsaeng kicked him out of Lj-favicon.png lotteworld notorious for being a: user, drama whore, ooc, selfish, metagamer, sympathy whore, whore whor and that's only the tip of the iceberg.
Lj-favicon.png tomochin
Lj-favicon.png yoseob
Lj-favicon.png doojoon
Lj-favicon.png kikwang
Lj-favicon.png autopeach - aka as Lj-favicon.png gyuri OR mechanical fruit. Dropped from Lj-favicon.png sarangbox because she was denied by her true love.
Lj-favicon.png theselovecrimes - possibly the ultimate slut of the muse world? The world may never know.



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