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Your fate is decided at random, just like real life.

Entervoid is a piece of shit place. The web site has retarded rules involving your imaginary furry characters fighting to the death.


Galvo, the creator of Entervoid, created three simple rules:

  1. Use a normal hat.
  2. Put 20 tickets in the hat. Ten say "good" and ten say "bad".
  3. The admins pull out ten tickets to decide whether each artist is allowed to play.



Everyone on Entervoid has to do Galvo in the ass because he is the owner and the wise old man among the retarded voidlings who are clueless and dont understand how things work in the "TRUE REAL WORLD". Galvo is like Adolf Hitler but more fucking stupid than a fucking rock. Galvo is also a DeviantArt whore.

Whenever Galvo gets bored out of his skull on the magical Internets, he goes on the 'Void's forums. He then makes fun of everyone's rejected art because he has no life and has nothing else to do other than masturbate to animal porn.

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