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This might be Mr Jonzz IRL.
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Enzo-Matrix is a fine flying assclown from deviantArt, who ban evades, deactivates accounts and steals artwork. He is a royal asshat not very bright. His name is derived from his obsession with the TV Show, ReBoot.

Anytime someone would use the :dev___: command and see a ! by his name, it would bring a smile that no other earthly pleasure ever could. He deactivates accounts on a regular basis though everyone knows he will be back with an even dumber name. Enzo-Matrix IRL is a worthless 27 year old basement dweller.


Some of his known aliases include LittleEnzoMatrix, Little-Enzo-Matrix and most recently Enzo-Matrix. He is hated by many and is target of trolls when oldfags get bored. This results in newfags trolling him to gain trolling experience points.


If I could go back in time for 5 minutes, I'd spend it on aborting that pathetic shit-stain. Even if it came to beating in his mother's stomach with a baseball bat, then giving her a hysterectomy with a coat hanger, fuck, I would.


PrideSage99, clearly not butthurt

The better part of Enzo-Matrix ran down his momma's leg.


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