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Epic Fail Guy 2 will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.


Epic Fail Guy 2 or EFG 2 first appeared 2 years ago while /b/ was down one day in the /r/ part of 4chan. After a poster requested to meet Epic Fail Guy or EFG, EFG did appear, however he chopped of his penis and bled to death. This act made the poster put on a beardless Guy Fawkes mask and draw a 2 on the forehead of the mask to become EFG 2. However little to EFG 2's Knowledge this wasn't the real EFG as the real EFG appeared moments later saying "Oh Hey guys whats going on in this thread" and EFG 2 was now cursed to wear this mask for all eternity. So EFG 2 and EFG had an epic battle that day to see who would be the "True" EFG. EFG 2 lost this fight and wasn't seen for many many months.


EFG 2 appeared about a year later randomly in a few threads on /b/ trying to get his name known and has been around since making (and usually failing at) threads. Some of these included "Opening a Box", "Messing with EFG's rocket when told not to", and finally "Trying to recreate EFG's BIG EPIC FAIL" While some of these have gotten EFG 2 some attention and a little name for himself, he usually fails and is constantly confused for EFG. EFG 2's Main goal is to become an official meme.

Becoming An Official Meme

On the date 11/23/2010 EFG 2's dream finally happened. In a thread about EFG turning on and off the doubles switch, EFG 2 appeared and said "FUCK YOU EFG THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME EFG 2 DONT YOU DARE STEAL MY SPOT LIGHT. AND TO PROVE YOU WRONG SINGLES GET NOW!" His post number was 289337000. From that moment onward threw out the thread EFG 2 began getting many doubles, a few trips, a few double doubles and a few triple doubles. A post was later made saying if the next post EFG 2 got was trips he would become a meme. The next post after that was someone offering EFG 2 there trips if they got them and sure enough they were trips. So clearly all of the doubles and what not were a sign that EFG 2 would become a meme. Shortly after this Status was achieved he was getting more doubles and what not just to rub it in peoples faces ESPECIALLY MILLHOUSE's FACE. FUCK MILLHOUSE! OH also on this day EFG 2 reached Super Sayian 3 and busted the biggest nut that /b/ has ever seen.

Facts About EFG 2

-EFG 2 is not related to EFG


-EFG 2 hates being called EFG

-EFG 2 has a 2 on his head and no beard (unless he has gone super sayian 3 and busted a nut. for some reason he grows a beard after that)


-EFG 2 seems to be a lot angrier than EFG and will call people random things when pissed off. His most famous to date being "YOU FAT BACK FUCK" or the shortened version "YOU BACK FUCK"

-EFG 2 has an AIM account Epicfailguytwo

-EFG 2 HATES ICP (who doesnt)

-EFG 2 is always trying to recreate EFG's "BIG EPIC FAIL"

-EFG 2 is always looking to help people when he can as long as they dont piss him off (which isnt hard)

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