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Info non-talk.png BBC : Legal action has been dropped against a 15-year-old who faced prosecution for branding Scientology a "cult"

Epic Nose Guy - Clearly Criminal

Epic Nose Guy is the name given to a supplier of loli who protested in London and is facing criminal charges no consequences over holding up a sign as part of the Project Chanology protests. As a 16-year-old minor he should GTFO for underage b& but the newsfags are really latching onto this so many internets to him, his absentee parents and his ward.

Crimes of Youth

After Anonmom, the lesser known Anonkid
The sign gets taken away, because in a police state you cannot protest.
Epic Nose Guy being served with a piece of paper that says he might get a court summons
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His crime was to describe Scientology as a cult in writing on a protest placard. Despite the fact that Scientology pretty much exactly is the modern definition of a malignant cult and this kid was merely agreeing with the opinion of a high court judge, apparently holding up a sign with the words "Scientology" and "Cult" near each other can result in you getting your collar felt in the fail that is the UK.

It has also been suggested that the police in this part of London, apparently, have close associations with Scientology and have been called out about it by the BBC and The Guardian.

You may well find that one or two police officers become followers. Look at the masons, I am sure they are well represented inside the police force


—Mark Salter, a London-based psychiatrist

BBC News on EpicNoseGuy's court summons

This barmy prosecution makes a mockery of Britain's free speech traditions


Epic Nose Guy's Arrest

Coverage of Epic Nose Guy

The Goatsian, a well-known newspaper. For further details, see the entry on Ebaums.
Epic Nose Guy on the Anon Jack

It started with an article in SchNews, a political activist newsletter based in Brighton, on 16th May 2008. A few days later, a left-leaning newspaper posted an on-line article about ENG. The next day the papers went mad and it was printed in national and London-based news.



Piece of shit Metro "newspaper"

The Daily Fail

The Guardian got pwned with goatse (as did a police forum), when the thin-blooded, liberal "journalists" foolishly hotlinked an image from /i/, probably when high on pot they bought with money from a fraudulent housing benefit claim.


Faking YouTube accounts: the behaviour of a legitimate religion, not a cult, obviously.
ZOMG Support Free Speech!!! V& Epic Nose Guy!!!
Luckily, you can't screen channel comments BEFORE deleting them.

Following the press coverage in which $cilions refused to comment directly for the cameras, the sneaky cult members got busy on-line, setting up two Epic Nose Guy related urls which ensnare the unwary into moar of their cock-eyed brainwashing.

This one has a poll that perhaps you would like to participate in? Poll removed due to massive pwnage! While you're there, notice the extreme amounts of random shit with no order all over the site. Then again, we all know that the Scilons aren't that bright.

The fake YouTube account links directly to the former, actually claiming to be the person in question. It is full of the same old Co$ bait-and-switch tactics with the truth as you'd expect from people whose vested interest is keeping their followers posting them huge wads of cash for doing fuck all.

Amusingly, it has a link to a Paul Fetch video, which pretty much sums up the levels of irony enjoyed by people who have surrendered their free-will to a malignant cult.

LOCATION: UNITED STATES?????????????????

Scientology unleashes its Black PR Laz0rs

To Whom It May Concern

WE HAVE FOUND EVIDENCE OF PEDOPHILES WITHIN ANONYMOUS. <-- They sure are a smart bunch of people to figure that out!

Didaskalos at Scilon Protest.jpg

Yeah, Didaskalos does kinda stick out like a sore thumb....

Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult

Fair game boss is illegal.jpg

On Friday 23th May, the British Crown Prosecution Service told the police to STFU and GTFO before returning to their usual routine of blowing cocaine up their arses and fucking rent boys.


The CPS review of the case includes advice on what action or behavior at a demonstration might be considered to be threatening, abusive or insulting.

The force's policing of future demonstrations will reflect this advice.


—oh exploitable

Sadly, the related Guardian article didn't hot-link to ebaums this time. Must have had Friday temps in.

Reaction from the Cult of Scientology

A spokeswoman for the Cult of Scientology commented on the decision:




—Official reaction from the cult

Where's Loli?

The whereabouts of Epic Nose Guy's delicious loli ward is currently unknown.


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