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Epic Red Ranger Manoeuvre

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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The Epic Maneuver in the form of an animated gif

Between the days of Captain Planet and Webcomics the world hovered in search for a piece of popular culture that could be exploited and forever be laughed at for being teh ghey. Search ended upon acknowledging the politically correct, edu-taining superheros POWER RANGERS! What the world didn't realize is that they were not prepared for the truly epic and moving nature of said program.

Red Ranger's Epic Manoeuvre (or Maneuver) is the prime example of the Power Rangers amazing and dramatic feats executed in order to fight for great justice. A scene of such epic proportions was first discovered on 4chan, but soon spread and spawned across the depths that is YTMND with one of the five backing music tracks that every 13 year old faggot on YTMND uses for every video.

Once popularity spread, variations of the Epic Maneuver have been found, as well as similar heartwarming documentations of similar feats of justice and bravery.


The Original Epic Maneuver

Atomic.gif Warning!

People have died.

No, really, they have

Blood-red ranger (left)

In January 2015, Red Ranger performed his most epicest manoeuvre ever, by killing his flatmate with a fucking sword. Bail set at $1m.

Moar Epic Maneuvers

Variations of the Original

Epic Red Ranger Manoeuvre
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Epic Red Ranger Manoeuvre is part of a series on


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