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Epic Meal Time, in short, is an online cooking/sex show. But in reality it is much more than that. EMT (referred to here out) is the ultimate antithesis of any cooking show previously made by the feeble minds of men. They take other cooking shows and skull fuck them.

How to do it properly


The Show

Every week, the paragons of masculinity at Epic Meal Time congregate to turn random mumblings into totally fucking awesome ideas. Once they have the basic road-map to buttfuck your limp-armed ideas on valid forms of sustenance, the team gets ripped the fuck up and proceeds to recklessly and flawlessly craft terrible unhealthy, high calorie fucking delicious meals. Because these demi-gods among men know the secret of all cooking is this: Salt and fat are the vehicles upon which flavor travel. In a very short time EMT has managed to become one of the most watched shows on all of Youtube, simultaneously becoming the inspiration for many misguided attempts at copycats. Look out for an EMT-inspired snuff film sure to be circulating the tubes any day now.

Oddly enough, the show features an all Canadian cast, yet isn't completely devoid of soul or humor. In fact, one would venture to say that all men everywhere should strive to be more like this troupe of amazing culinary explorers.
These men are truly heroes in an age of complacency.

Commonly Used Ingredients

  • Jack Daniels
  • Meat
  • Bacon strips &
  • Bacon strips &
  • Bacon strips &
  • Bacon strips
  • The complete absence of all vegetables (did you expect anything different?)

An Epic Fail Attempt At Trolling Exposing EMT

Notice the over 9000 extreme amount of butthurt generated by the fans in the commentary section of that video. Of course EMT is the best thing ever to hit Youtube ever since Fred. So EMT has every right to arrogantly brag about how rich they are from the Jew gold they've so far made on Youtube.


Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips About missing Pics

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