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Imagine someone who makes Chris Chan look like he has his shit together.

Pure autism

Imagine someone who makes Alex Jones seem intelligent.

A face only a mother would...oh hell even his mom would gouge her eyes out over that!

Imagine someone with a nostalgia boner so big that it makes Doug Walker blush.

That someone is Erik "Tazman" Mokracek

Him Faking his Age. Hes 38 But sometimes Claims hes 27 or a Child.


Born on September 19, 1980, Erik Mokracek, an autistic, 39-year-old manchild who lives in Waretown New Jersey with his mother and sister in a house that's probably flooded with trash, started his online shenanigans on the Closing Logo Group, a close-knit group, who sperg about logos and logotypes, as early as 2004 and would spam the site with his MS Paint "masterpieces," with animated children plastered on them. Mokracek is obviously unemployed and spends all his time creating shitty YouTube videos with screenshots of cartoon characters he has a boner for, putting said screenshots on DeviantArt, and writing fanfics about said characters shitting themselves. Not a joke either, he literally has fanfics about cartoon characters shitting themselves. Every so often his sister and her kids move out of the house because they can no longer put up with his autistic shenanigans but they always make their way back sooner or later. All this info comes from his livejournal, which he has been updating for nearly 14 years [1], though it's mostly full of him spamming the endless forums that he owns and bragging about what childish things he recently did. He also cannot take criticism. His retardation can be backed up by the fact that he was in high school until he was 21. [2]

His shitty peices of Art

Erik and Art

His artwork is not even art at all as it is an insult to actual artists everywhere. His so-called "art" consists of cutout screenshots of various children's shows he's a fanboy of that are essentially pasted over a shopping mall, TV channel bumper with outdated graphics, or some text about his autistic agenda.



— Erik Mokracek crying for freedom he already has



—Erik Mokracek's loose grasp on reality



—says the non-artist who uses MS Paint

He doesn't even draw anything himself as everything he uses are dozens of screenshots he obtained over the course of time.

Autism on display About missing Pics
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At Classix, we give it all we've got...ALL WE'VE GOT!


—Erik "Tazman" Mokracek, CEO and founder of Classix, Inc.

File:Classix Logo.png
At Classix we give it all we've got!

Classix is Erik Mokracek's magnum opus and an open love letter to all things nostalgic, though is anything but a real company. Classix is perhaps the one thing that Erik Mokracek is best known for, and is his attempt at the "Revival of the Classic," which consists of unlicensed endorsements of discontinued food and beverages, nonsensical TV bumpers and idents, using outdated graphics, to movie trailers of reviving old, defunct brick and mortar department stores, and television shows that serve no real purpose whatsoever. Yes, folks, at Claassix, "we give it all we've got," dammit! Classix is essentially his way of power-riding his nostalgia dildo and then shoving it down everyone's throat. The apparent mascot is Jason, a one-time character from the Care Bears Movie. Then there's Penny, a one-time character from the obscure animated incarnation of Sylvanian Families. The cartoon is pure shit see for yourself, but since Erik is a category 5 autist this would be irresistible to him. Not much else can be said about Classix because Erik is too retarded to describe it coherently, so it's a very ambiguous mess that is open to interpretation and speculation, though it's scientific law that everyone else on the planet hates it greatly.

Classix on YouTube!

After parting with the Closing Logo Group, Erik Mokracek started out on YouTube as MGHSHour, which was taken down, due to spam, and would later return to evade his ban as MGHSHour2, and again as MGHSHour2a, and ultimately as MGHSHour3 until he ragequit YouTube because Mokracek couldn't handle being criticized by YouTubers, ranting about him. Thankfully all of his YouTube channels were baleeted due to spamming and community guideline violations. However, a user did download some of them and uploaded them to serve as a painfully long cringe compilation of fail and pure, unadulterated autism. You can see Mokracek's lazy editing really take hold in this agonizing compilation.

Erik Mokracek, the Song Parodist

Yes! This is true! It's true! Yes I t'is! I'm not full of donkey dust! Then I will not bite the crust! Jason from the Care Bears Movie stands at his school!


—Erik Mokracek, brilliant Lyracist

Like any song parody loving sperg on the internet who wants to be the next "Weird Al" Yankovic and fails at it miserably, Erik "Tazman" Mokracek is no different, bringing us his most notable hit, "Jason Stands (By His Desk at his School)," sung to the tune of the Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour theme, among a few others, that can all be found here[3]

Much like his fan-fiction, Erik Mokracek does not know how to write a proper song parody that won't leave you feeling uncomfortable, and cringe.

Fortunately, someone saved a few of Erik's poorly recorded songs for the whole world to listen to.

If you were able to sit through all of it, you are certainly a brave soul.

Erik and Cassie

Due to Erik’s recent bender of spamming posts about being an only child it’s been therorized that a result of his low functioning autism is him resenting his younger sibling. As such he hated having Cassie live in the Waretown house and was happy when she moved out so that he could continue denying her existence. Some recent searches show that Cassie is also way more mentally developed than Erik and holds down a job in the medical field and has recently found a place for her and her children to live on their own, while Erik still dwells around the Waretown residence with his aging mother and longing for his now defunct tape collection. She’s pretty much his Cole Smithey.

Cassie with an unrelated girl, the latter of which is censored for privacy reasons.

In November 2018, around Thanksgiving, he made a series of status posts saying that Cassie was his niece rather than his sister. He also blocked anyone that said she was his sister like a butt hurt retard. It's unknown why he did this or if its even true.

Erik, the Storyteller and Fan Fiction Author

"I can't stop doing poo-poo in my pants," said Molly


— Erik, "the Scat-Fetishist" Mokracek

Yes, folks, you heard it right here first: Erik Mokracek writes horrible, cringe-inducing, literally shitty fan fiction that'd make any Creepy-pasta author blush, and you can find them all here, but it's anyone's safe bet that Mokracek's shit (no pun intended) are all retellings of animated children shitting themselves which is patently disturbing in and of itself.

Erik, the Kid Diddler



— Erik Mokracek, lying out of his ass

While it hasn't been completely confirmed that Erik "Tazman" Mokracek is a pedophile, there is a significant body of evidence that backs up this case and proves just how much of a disgusting creep Erik Mokracek truly is. Discovery remains ongoing.

Erik asking for a little girl's name in a video where she shat her pants.
Erik, shamelessly asking for a little girl's name on a YouTube comment.

In one of Erik's old webpages, archived here [4], Erik Mokracek ADMITS THAT HE MADE FRIENDS WITH A SIX-YEAR-OLD GIRL when he was seventeen years old. It has also been documented that while Erik Mokracek was on YouTube, he had a playlist of videos, consisting of little girls farting or shitting their pants altogether, that he called "Wassy Children." One can only assume he meant "Gassy," as Erik is also notorious for not proofreading whatever he types before publishing his posts.

Erik's Foot Fetish

In the late 2000's Erik created a fan site for his head waifu, Molly Hale. It was hosted on a now defunct page that was just galleries of someone else's Molly fanart spammed everywhere. Two of them actually. You'll have to highlight he page though (CTRL+A) in order to see the text explaining everything, as either Erik only knows how to make Netscape style pages or that is one of the sites the wayback machine sucks at archiving.

Said art was by a guy named Deviantart-favicon.png ottermiikun who's archive is filled to the brim with barefoot anime children. Which once again sheds light on a perverted aspect of Erik's personality, as foot fetishism is the most common sexual fetish. OtterMiikun's art may be SFW but since all his art is of children he is a Chris Hansen visit waiting to happen, and it makes Erik look like a sick fuck.

This guy needs an ED page too

Luckily for us though, Erik can't draw on his own or he'd probably make his own low quality foot pics and god knows the internet doesn't need anymore of that!

Erik, the Car Nut

I have been doing this since I was 4 years old!


— Erik speaking through Penny

A more recent theme of Erik's is to take a stock photo of a car's interior and paste Penny or some DragonTales character into the floor in front of the back seat and make them say that they enjoy sitting on the floor in the back of the car and talking. It's pretty obvious that this was something his parents didn't allow him to do as a kid and he's using his autism to project it. Of course there is another creep factor here, as every piece of art he does this shit with involves an animated child, and when pedophiles kidnap their victims they usually put them on the car floor and tie them up in some way. While Erik's art of this doesn't involve tying the kids up yet, his obsession with sitting on the car floor probably reflects an illegally undesirable aspect of his personality.

More autism on display About missing Pics
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Erik, the Game Show Enthusiast

You heard that right, Erik "Tazman" Mokracek is very much into quiz and game shows, namely Bargain Hunters, a poor man's The Price is Right, that lasted only nine weeks before it was unceremoniously cancelled from network television.

Bargain Hunters is the best game show since the shopping mall!


—Erik Mokracek, not making any sense again

File:Jeopardy clue by mollyhaleismyfriend-dcfbqfg.png
Three guesses as to which store Erik's going on about.

It has been said that Erik is an avid collector of 20th century quiz and game shows, but he also has a notorious reputation with the game show collector community as well, as some game show traders have expressed their grievances with Erik being a bad trader

Erik, the Pirate

On July 31, 2018 Erik made a status update on Deviantart that was about his boner for gameshows, yet again; only this time he linked to some pastebin-like sites containing .rar files for various PC games made out of TV game shows.[5] Of course this is a form of piracy because he's offering a list of games to be downloaded for free like it's The Pirate Bay. Sure, this may fly if Erik lived in Sweden, but he doesn't. Rather he lives in the United States in which there is an exhaustive laundry list of guidelines by the FCC and government that specifically forbid piracy.[6] Erik could potentially be facing years of prison for this and a lifelong criminal record, not that it would matter because he'll never get a job or anything regardless of whether or not he's an ex-con. Keep an eye out for him pulling this shit again, autists are neurotic creatures of OCD and Erik is no exception.

Erik on LiveJournal

Cassie and her boyfriend and kids are finally moving out soon, thank god, I can eat swanson meals and watch movies and eat popcorn and all the dirnks[sic] will be all mine as well as the snacks, etc.


— Erik Mokracek, the selfish older brother

Before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the internet had LiveJournal, a place where people could post statuses, and journals of their day, an experience they've had, or something they've reflected on. While LiveJournal is no longer relevant, Erik Mokracek, being the nostalgiatard he is, STILL USES LIVEJOURNAL LIKE IT'S 2005 [7] and rambles on about his countless message boards and Yahoo! Usergroups, which are all inactive ghost-towns, which he pushes on EVERYBODY, like you should join in on the nostalgia everyone's crazy about! But beware, should you decide to join one of his countless forums, Erik will more than likely delete your account, which completely defeats his shameless, self promotion of his useless forums.

If Erik Mokracek is not rambling on about his countless forums and usergroups, he posts statuses about his latest cookware, wanting to be a "Deceillionaire," [8] or how he's grown up and matured.

i am finally growing up, acting like a man, i've been keeping up with my schores[sic], my shaving and acting like na[sic] adulti[sic] am


— Erik, lying to himself

Spoiler: He's still an immature manchild



— Riiiiiiight

Erik on Social Media

Like any other person on the planet who uses the internet, Erik Mokracek is also on social media sites such as Twitter [9] and Cuntbook [10]. Just look at that handsome face only a mother could love! [11]

His Facebook profile is no different than the rest of his online footprint, and there's a fairly good chance that his Facebook statuses mirror those on deviantART [12] and LiveJournal [13], however unlike deviantART and LiveJournal his Facebook and Twitter profiles aren't publicly accessible, which is a surprise, seeing since Erik Mokracek has revealed a lot about himself on the internet.


On November 18, 2018 Erik stumbled upon the wiki for The Amazing World of Gumball and began to spew his autistic shit there. This shows that he is yet a fan of another kids show, and worse still it's a show that's currently airing. But I digress, the main point here is with one of the supporting characters, a ghost with an equally autistic fanbase [14]. Most of the characters on the show are about 12 and Carrie is shown to be a peer, but a recent episode said that she was over 300, makes sense though since she's a ghost and all. Normally a fan wouldn't think twice about a story retcon but Erik isn't a normal fan, he lost his shit. He went on a bender posting about how the episode confirming her real age was non canon and that she was 12 years old forever. Thankfully the mods banned him for a few days, but he flared up again on the 28th. Then, 3 weeks later he decided to up the ante and post one of his god awful pasties in the article for her page reiterating his autistic agenda. Archive today-ico.png (archive)

File:S3GrcBPS 400x400.jpg


One of his fans says that the writers of this article should get arrested, in which Erik stupidly responds with "i agree" like he knows he's a retard
  • Jason from the Care Bears Movie
  • Sylvanian Families
  • Penny, from the Sylvanian Families' Episode "Fools Gold."
  • Dragon Tales
  • Emmy and Max, from Dragon Tales
  • Caillou
  • TaleSpin
  • Molly Hale, from the third Pokemon movie
  • Ash Ketchum, from the Pokemon anime
  • Pokemon
  • Laura Haruna from Hamtaro
  • Sailor Moon
  • Child Pornography and being a disgusting pedophile
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter
  • Anything made or produced before 1990
  • 20th Century, American Shopping malls
  • Carnivals
  • Game Shows
  • Being gainfully unemployed
  • Writing shitty song parodies about game shows and pedophilia. [15]
  • His sister, Cassie, her fiancee, and their kids moving out of his house
  • Toys 'R' Us
  • Being a Toys 'R' Us Kid
  • Being the CEO of his fantasy island, Classix, Inc.


  • Reality
  • Child protection laws
  • Any cartoon made after 2000
  • MCA-TV Exclusive Distributor logo
  • KidSongs
  • The 21st century, and anything contemporary
  • Tech products made after 1995
  • Online shopping
  • Chris Hansen
  • Being called out on in his web of lies
  • Anyone with an average IQ or higher
  • The retailpocalypse
  • Toys 'R' Us closing its doors indefinitely
  • Site Moderators

Ass kissing white knights


In late November DrewPicklesIsSwell1957 made a video exposing JEFFYJEFFYUHUHUH’s Deviantart and her blatant fangirlism towards Erik. Shortly afterward she made a YouTube account and made vicious comments towards Drew and various other commenters. She then made a video decrying Drew in a very autistic manor. Drew then made another video targeting JEFFYJEFFYUHUHUH and denounced her attack against him, which instigated her to join the UtubeTrollPolice and go full retard on both YouTube[17] and Deviantart. It is unknown why she is such a fan of Erik but since she’s a 14 year old girl who also likes SuperMarioLogan she probably has the same brand of autism as Erik.

As of January 2019, her YouTube Account got hacked.

Later in February, her Deviantart account was hacked by LolcowsAnonymous.

Jeffy tier autism About missing Pics
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Trolls, Weens, & A-Logs



— MollyHaleIsMyGimp pretending to be Erik

Naturally after an ED page goes up and gains traction, the lolcow in question starts to get trolled, and Erik is no exception. On July 28, 2018 his white knight SylvanianFan1979 got hacked by an anonymous 4chan user and flooded the account with stale memes and casual racism.

An A-Log by the name Deviantart-favicon.png isaiahortizpoops made their move on the same day as the hack. They uploaded a series of parodies of Erik’s art that involved mean things being done to the animated children Erik always uses, such as Mollly getting run over or Penny getting damned to hell.

On VidLii, Erik’s first account was made private. A few weeks later he made another account under the MGHSHour name claiming that the EmmyLovesPotatoChips was actually hacked. However the new account seems to have also been hacked because a video was uploaded to say that Erik came out as gay. Said video was actually footage from the video game Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude that featured a parody of the song Summer Nights from Grease about homsexuality.

In late August, a new user named Deviantart-favicon.png mollyhaleismygimp arose to serve as a parody account of Erik. They basically talk like Erik in the comments and status posts but with a bit of a twist, what they do different is say that Erik is a bad person in the way Erik speaks. By September the ween got the ban hammer because DA obviously looks down upon impersonation, though anyone who was pretending to be retarded doesn't deserve for their troll attempt to succeed. Archive today-ico.png Warning, excessive weenery.

On the Kiwi Farms thread, an A-Log by the name of Template:Kfuser would make a series of hateful posts about Erik. Once he would get the inevitable negative ratings he would immediately backpedal and change the subject. Funny thing is that he's Kiwi Farms Favicon.png ironically a lolcow himself. He then decided to up the ante by hacking JeffyJeffyUHUHUH in order to get a rise out of Erik, which worked as Erik immediately seethed on his DA page after he realized what happened. After hacking Erik's closest white knight, he then used two different accounts to spam Erik and his group with parody pictures and buzzwords known to get under Erik's skin. It was his main account Deviantart-favicon.png LolcowsAnonymous and the now banned NewYorkRetroKing that did it.

A-Logging on display About missing Pics
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The Hall of Mockery-cek: A Collection of Videos and Stills Parodying Erik Mokracek

Brilliant Parodies About missing Pics
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DeviantArt status calling him out: Archive today-ico.png (archive)

How to troll Erik

-Tell him that Cassie is his sister

-Call him by his real name online

-Make blatant parodies of his art and link it to him

-Infiltrate his Deviantart groups and spam said parodies

-Call him a pedophile

-Leave bad reviews on his fanfictions

-Link him to the videos ridiculing him

-Photoshop Chris Hansen into pictures of him

-Publicly compare him to Chris Chan

-Impersonate his animated waifus

-Hack his most vocal white knight [18]

-Compare Erik to Jeffy [19]

See Also

Erik channeling Chris Chan circa 2008

Erik's Various Online Accounts

Kiwi Farms Thread

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