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On October 13th 2009, a black mailman, Hugson Jean, delivered a piece of mail to 60 year old Erika Winchester and received a barrage of trufax about his race. Lucky enough for the internet, Hugson got it on video. On November 12th, a year later, the video went viral after Hugson was fired and uploaded it to youtube.

Because you're acting like a nigger...


Erika Winchester

What Happened?

When Erika signed a card in the mail (meant for her husband), she then changed her mind and opened can of white power whoop ass with a slap to Hugson's face. After chasing Hugson back to his mail truck she began to demand the card be given back to her. However, Hugson, having legally stolen the card in the name of USPS, refused to give it back. As soon as Erika latched onto the car she began to explain to Hugson why his race is inferior.

You killed Martin Luther King. You niggers turn on each other, you're stupid.


— Erika on MLK

Hugbox responds.

Either the Hingham Post Office has a No Niggers policy, or they were tired of having a mailman who could barely speak english and liked to Archive today-ico.png pull lawn-jobs in the mail truck. Or they were sick of him acting like a nigger.

Ask him if he would be willing to give you his disciplinary records.


—USPS spokeswoman Christine Dugas

Previous lols

The woman known around town for her outbursts reportedly was arrested in August 2005 after drunkenly crashing her Volvo into a street sign and subsequently trying to hit one of the paramedics that was treating her. She was arrested again in January 2007 after telling cast members at a community theater rehearsal they would "get it with a machine gun," then telling the cop that arrested her for trespassing that she would "chop off" his genitals.

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