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Ermina (also known as Sarah Seraph or Dark Acid by her furfag cohorts) is the true apex of emo as far as furries go. She lurks on the furry site YiffChat, though she claims to be on ALL OF THE others, cause she’s awesome like dat. She's a massive attention whore with a knack for drama and keen to send a fucking barrage of threats of becoming an hero if you don't fall to the ground in rapture every time she may step foot in a room.

The Furry Known As Ermina

Ermina is a white ermine, a child at that; only 11 years old to the mortal eye (but look out! Her actual age is over NINE THOUSAND!!) with deep purple hair and a dark, depressed disposition. Ermina wears nothing but black. Black black fucking black. Cargo pants, a sweater, shirt, hell probably even her panties. She claims to be of a Seraphic heritage, the last of her kind from a different dimension called Seraphica (real original, lulz) where angels fly about in holy bliss or whatever the fuck they do, no one cares enough to find out. Anyways, her mother, a blue fox named Krystal who is totally NOT a rip off of Star Fox, is trying to destroy this world- an endeavor which she has succeeded in at least 100 times in the past year or so, which provides a perfect excuse to flaunt her emo ways in everyone's face like she was out to get a fucking medal for it.

Sarah Seraph


Now for the fun part. Vixy “Sarah” Seraph is an alternative character used when Ermina can’t get no lovins. A blue fox with more, erm, "abilities" than any otaku faggot can muster, she is supposedly the ermine’s dark side. As far as the shit background story goes, Sarah is Ermina’s mother, who’s not really evil, just lonely and misunderstood. After blowing up her own dimension a few kagillion times, she’s set her sights on wherever the fuck YC takes place. OH NOES! Also, she's TOTALLY not a rip-off of the Star Fox Krystal! No way, no how, nuh uh.

Real-Life Dramafest

If you thought her character was fucked up, you haven’t seen anything yet! Sarah “Ermina” Jane Gallego is SUPPOSEDLY a 23-year old novelist living in Japan. She works for the Destiny Corp, which no Internet search could turn anything up on, nor could any other outside source, and her WHOLE family is dead, lol. Her brother SUPPOSEDLY died by a gunshot, her sister died from some terrible illness and her two best friends were raped and murdered right in front of her! It seems every new day brings a new wave of drama and emo cutting that she can’t help but drive anyone with sense away with, like the Excalibur of self-hating furry faggotry matched only by the greats, like Prince Jeremy or Huskie. Examples of the drama-injected lulz she brings to the public include, but are not limited to:

  • Cutting her wrists, arms, just about any part of her body.
  • Boasting about her “legendary” status on many chat sites.
  • Eating small babies.
  • Lesbian orgies (or at least claims thereof)
  • Yiffing
  • Ripping off some Russian artist’s work to claim as her own.
  • Drawing her own shit art.
  • Whining to her fanbase of drooling retards whenever some dares insult her GRATENESS!!11one

Also to be found are some of her past exploits. These are all REAL facts, folks!!

  • Sarah Seraph died at least 100 times, yet still is alive.
  • Sarah Seraph has been known to attack herself with a power drill.
  • Sarah Seraph once drove her car into a tree because she "loved the pain."
  • Sarah Seraph HATES FAGS! HAET!!!
  • Trying to reason with Sarah Seraph is about as easy to accomplish as consensual rape.

She also has Programmed Cell Death which can kill her at any minute, so don’t you dare make fun of her, you insensitive prick. Oh yeah, she also has cancer and a massive case of Internet disease. If you dare interact with her. Keep distance!!

Update five years late! It is actually revealed that Gallego is not only a 23-year old novelist for the make-believe Destiny Corporation, she's a man, baby! DAN Gallego is a big-boned, white, weeaboo male that allegedly had a crush on some equally-weeaboo guy named Patrick that "got gunned down by police" for being a terrible gangster and murderer. These are claims straight from the horse's mouth from back in 2005 via obscure instant messaging.

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