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The European Rapefugee Crisis is an ongoing social experiment conducted by Angela Merkel and the European Union to destabilize and decay Europe by importing millions of Rapefugees from Syria and the Middle East to several nations; notably Germany, France and the United Kingdom. To the suprise of nobody, this pathetic social experiment only resulted in massive costs to the finances of Europe, a massive spike in crime such as Murder and Rape, and setting up Europe for another Civil War. The result also made the once proud Germany the laughing stock of the entire world.




The crisis began in 2015 during the rise of ISIS. The United States destabilized and destroyed several nations, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, which produced millions of displaced peoples- the most since World War II. Just a decade before the rapefugee crisis began, general consensus was that these nations were our enemies. The idea that we should house and nurture these savages would make you the laughing stock of the town. In just a few short years, Marxist brainwashing caused the leftist hivemind to mindlessly argue for bringing in millions of these dindus to their nations. Angela Merkel, the cunt ruling Deutschistan und der United Nations, pushed for massive immigration, despite the majority of eurofags being against this. However, these countries, like the United States, aren't true democracies, so the voices of the people mean jack shit. Millions of these savages were imported into cucked nations like Sweden, Germany, France, and Great Britan, causing crime and rapes to skyrocket.


There is some good news, however. Many of the rapefugee fleets often sink in the medditeranian. In early 2015, 5 of these invading ships sunk, extinguishing the lives over 1200 savages.

Characteristics of the Dindu

Today, we inspect the common cockroach known as a Syrian Rapefugee. Many scientists have calculated their IQ to be the low 80 range. They are known for their brutish, thuggish mannerisms. Very few of them graduate past an elementary level in an academic setting. They like to stay in groups and gang-stalk the streets. A favourite pastime is to isolate and gang rape European women. Teenagers, and especially little girls are often favored, notably the blondes. The syrian dindu often speaks in simple brutish grunts, similar to Link from the zelda series.


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A Requiem For Europe

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