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Everyday Feminism is the cesspool of feminist ideas and filth of the internet, where the most cancerous and retarded ideas spawn. At first glance, it is hard to tell if this site is legit, or if it is a troll website mocking feminists. Upon reading further, it becomes obvious that this site is legit, as this level of stupidity cannot be mimicked to this degree of perfection.

By scrolling through this website, your eyes will be delighted bombarded with beautifully titled articles, such as "9 Phrases Allies Can Say When Called Out Instead of Getting Defensive", "Putting a Stop to Rape Culture – The Best of Everyday Feminism", "The White Feminism of the Women’s March Is Still on My Mind", "What Happened When My Therapist Told Me I Wasn’t Bisexual" and "5 Hidden Consequences of Men Mansplaining in Sports" (No, I'm not making this shit up). This will give you a general idea what the intelligence level of your average EF user is.

Outside of the oversensitive blue haired landwhales and castrated cucks that visit this site, nobody on the internet seems to know or care about it. Respectable publications such as the New York Times and BBC avoid it like wildfire, and progressive websites, such as jezebel and buzzfeed completely ignore it's existence. With this, you know this is the most respectable and important voice of feminism. Damn, this site is so popular it didn't have a Encyclopedia Dramatica page till June 2017.


Everyday Feminism offers various articles covering these following topics:

  • Fem 101

> Your typical feminism bullshit

  • Privilege

> Reminding you to stay in your place, you privileged little white shit

  • Trans & GNC

> Remember, making up your gender scores 10 points on the oppression score

  • Race

> Whitie ebil


> Landwhale > Gross > Bullshit > Transformer > Quit Living Please > Idiot > Acolytes

  • Class

> Read: Marxism

  • Religion

> Mostly bashing on christians and defending muslims

  • Sex

> Exploring theoretical ideas, no practical experience

  • Love

> Same as above

  • Body

> Summarized as: If you're fat, but think you're beautiful, it's the other's fault for your depression. Instead of bettering yourself, come to us and bitch about being fat.

  • Disability

> This appeals to 99% of the userbase.

  • Violence

> No, not the fun kind. This is just another category to promote SJW bullshit. It's all safe for work and trigger safe.

  • Videos

> Idk. I didn't bother with this one.

  • Comics

> Failed deviants and tumblr artists trying desperately to attract audience In spite of it's progressive agenda and varied topics it covers, most if not all of the readers of this website are white, middle classed women with a gender studies degree and a steady career at your shittiest fastfood chain, with an active twitter account and a failed deviantart account (bonus points if their account focuses on "artistic nudity").

The Whoring

On May 2nd, 2017, Everyday Feminism's excellent business practices led them to bankruptcy (as to be expected, from being led by Gender Studies Majors), causing them to do the only possible action feminists know how to do when in need of money; whoring out. The following month, the dignified staff of EF have thrown away their dignity and proceeded to kneel and beg their audience for money, in order to save their failed business.

Of course, the campaign did not go without drama. Naturally, the staff of everyday feminism blamed their failed business practice on Trump, toxic masculinity, the alt right and patriarchy, elevating their status in the eyes of their followers and outsiders, as well as showing the world how real responsible and aware feminists really are. As a result, people started getting aware of this site's existence... And forgot soon after.

Eventually, the project managed to squeze it's few users out of money and get the 50,000 it required. Naturally, most of the donations come from one unknown benefactor who was convinced personally by the editors to give out the donation.

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