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ProfessorFarnsworth.png Good News, Everyone!
Laura and her fiancee broke up and the EverydaySexism Facebook group is now being discontinued.

The person behind the project, does her attempt at emulating Kristen Stewart
This is not the Laura Bates behind the project.

the everyday sexism project is a Tumblr project started for ugly whores to write in their disgusting rape and attention fantasies. So it is like Penthouse Letters, except it isn't editorially verified, so it is littered with spelling mistakes, as the attention-seeking whores type away, while fingering themselves, since no man nor dildo would ever touch them.
The project was created by Laura Bates, the ugly one, a freelance writer, who has previously written for Huffington Post, The Women's Media Center and JUMP! Magazine for girls.
She sucked her way into a MA degree in English Literature at the university of Cambridge, before spending all her time retweeting tweens with first world problems.
She also writes in "Women Under Siege", where she and other wimmen proclaim that rape is a "weapon of war".

Quotes from the project

I don't think you're overreacting Shantelle - I think it's incredibly frustrating and offensive when people use the word rape in that flippant way (other examples include losing when gaming and logging into other people's FB profiles) - it normalises and belittles the crime, desensitises us to it, makes it a joke, and contributes to rape culture


—Laura Bates[1]

I am 56 years old, well past the age (I thought) of interest to any man. And yet, while walking (fully dressed) at a private beach in Vancouver, Canada, I was approached by a man who wanted sex with me (he admitted he was 32). He was aroused, and pulled out his penis and masturbated in front of me. How does this happen? What goes on in their heads?



Vivian Hansen 2013-06-14 12:57
Common wrinkly old hag fantasy.

Think the 1st time a guy exposed himself to me, I was about 7? Obviously not about sex, but dominating.



D Via Twitter 2013-06-14 11:49
Sluts want the cock from early age.

This is an actual headline on a front page online newspaper today "Ladies! Do you suffer from bitchy resting face?" Wtf? We are being watched and judged when we are not even doing anything? There's a video with examples if you want to get paranoid and hate yourself a bit more...
Shame on the Huffington post



Ffs 2013-06-14 09:50
Bitchy resting face, is a joke in an YouTube video.

Being told in the office I "block the light coming from the window"... I felt so discriminated .



Hara 2013-06-14 03:40
And by light, they meant the fucking sun, you fat cow

When I was in 2nd grade, I was molested several times by a 7th grade boy who become involved in my class. One day, my teacher at the time asked me if anything was wrong, but I didn't know any better and told her "No." I didn't realize what really happened to me until I was older. I'm in college now, but I never told a soul



anon 2013-06-14 00:08
He got an A for effort

I saw a tweet today with a picture of an oven described as "a woman's x-box". The small views that make a big view.



R, Via Twitter 2013-06-14 14:28
Go back to the kitchen, skank.

Cycling home I got whistled at from a van. (I know. So cliched). And I verbally squashed them into the ground! HA! VICTORY.



Mia, Via Twitter 2013-06-14 13:54
Common power fantasy. Didn't happen. Sucked their semen. Enjoyed it.

Banning Page 3

In her extensive and varied journalism career, Laura Bates came across a newspaper by the name The Sun. This newspaper has the audacity to show off topless women, and we cannot have that in a free society, so Ms. Bates was on the prowl.

difference between the people on page 3 and those protesting

Don't worry, you'd be too ugly even for the obituaries This is what real women look like

Protesting cows on the left, good looking women on the right

This of course let to an interview on TV, where they took a poll, to see how many sycophants she got.

Laura Bates Wants To Ban Page 3.jpg

In it she of course harped on about how all Page 3 girls are horrible, helpless, exploited, defenseless, sex-objects, who just like her opponent just wanted to show off their tits.

Peta Todd.jpg
Her opponent in the debate

But that debate was easily won by the great woman-idol Laura Bates, because while she was busy complaining on the internets about men, Peta Todd only climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, cycled 400 miles, completed a marathon, etc. for charity.

Laura Bates is gonna get raped at 8pm and 9pm

Last Thursday Laura "Rape" Bates, received some friendly propositions about some guys wanting to raping her. When this didn't happen, she of course was very angry, because she didn't get her daily fill of dick. She then decided to report the rape-threats to the police, for false advertising or something, so the police should take care of her anonymous internet threats instead of dealing with actual rape-cases.

Everyday Sexism Almost Raped.jpg
Note how she didn't go to the police before this alleged rape would take place

And following is exclusive footage from her actual report to the police:

Sideboob is outrageous!

Laura Bates Angry At The Telegraph For Photographing Women.jpg
No faux outrage here

In her constant attempt to find something to become upset about Ms. Bates shared an article on Twitter from the second to last page of the English newspaper The Telegraph which depicted women sunbathing topless within public parks. Despite the pictures not containing nudity, Laura still decided to get her knickers in a twist as apparently the publication 'didn't ask for permission' to photograph them while they were within a public park. Laura is calling foul and proclaiming that The Telegraph breaks the law, even though it is completely legal.


Laura Bates Got Engaged

So Last thursday the boyfriend of Laura, spent some of the money he got from working a real job, instead of retweeting, on a ring, to put on Laura's favorite pussy-playing finger, so he could once, perhaps, have the option to put his tiny dick inside her, and knock her up, so she finally realizes that all she is good for is shitting out babies.

Laura Bates Ring.jpg Laura Bates Engagement Comments.jpg
Left: She is so proud, look at it. Right: All her mindless followers loving it.


I have your Shorty Award right here in my pants, whore.
Founded by Gucci. Because that's totally not sexist.
Lulz, they don't like Dove.


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