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Age: Early 20s
Location: Quebec, Canada
Physical Description:
Organizations: VoA, Forbidden Realms, Girl Supremacy
abc is a girllover pedophile who frequents many pedophile web sites, some of which are no longer in existence.

abc is the screen name used by a pedophile who frequents the VoA Website, as well as several other pedophile sites which are geared towards those who are attracted to little girls.

Little is known about abc, except that he states his AoA is of children who are age 4 through 17. He has posted about being caught by friends viewing some child "modeling" pictures; however, these were people he had already shown them to before, including one of his friends from college. abc has also shared that when he was 12 years old he had a crush on a 10 year old little girl and that he began to realize that it wasn't right, but that today he still likes 10 year old girls.

He is from Quebec, Canada and states that he is a regular user of opiate drugs, specifically mentioning the use of a drug called Oxycodone and comparing it to the marijuana in it's effectiveness. He has also commented on being a member and financial supporter of the NRA. He may very well be interested in the game of Everquest, as he has mentioned being "from Nihilia", which is known as an area of sewage in the game.


When I was about 12 I had a crush on a 10 year old and began to realize that it wasn't "right"... I still like 10 year olds.

Been "caught" but only by people that I had already voluntarily shown some nice models before. One of my friends back in college really liked sandra model.

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed abc as a regular poster on the VoA site and have gathered information based on his posts on the site.
  • Our investigation of this individual is ongoing. We will update this article when more information becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names/Aliases

  • abc


Pedophile Websites

  • VoA
  • Forbidden Realms
  • Girl Supremacy

Last Known Address

abc has stated that he lives in Quebec, Canada.

Additional Information

  • Former member of the now invite-only site, Playtoy and the now defunct site, LS-Legacy.
  • Has stated in his profile that his AoA is 4-17, but in another post it states his AoA can extend up to age 24.
  • Has offered the use of his server through a proxy to host the web site owned by Jack McClellan.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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