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afin AKA A Friend In Need
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition, BoyWrite, BoyWiki
afin is a longtime member and moderator of the Free Spirits Coalition, BoyWrite, BoyWiki and BoyChat.

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Afin is a longtime member and moderator of the Free Spirits Coalition, BoyWrite, BoyWiki and BoyChat. He was BoyChat digest editor from November 2005 to March 2006 and then again from February 2007 to the present.


Finally, I think it would be cool to go to all the divine boy rulers of Incans or Mayans and the rest, and convince them it should be boy sperm pouring down the troughs on the sides of the temples, and not blood. And only virginity, not virgins, should be sacrificed. And p.s., I know you like feeling conquered, but don't listen to those European explorers when you get older! They've got diseases, and just want to plunder you and go.

those little love handles are ticklish when you brush against them with your hand while giving a hug. And when he reacts and giggles, he pushes himself into your chest, revelling in the physical affection, instead of pulling away.

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  • Afin
  • A friend in need

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the only real experts on pedophiles are pedophiles.

That's all I have to say about that

this morning I woke up crying because I had another dream where I was trying to find my boy, and I thought I would give up anything to see him again.

not true

In reply to increased childhood ebesity- less sex posted by nope on 2007-June-24 18:08:56, Sunday

The more chubby kids, the more kids who feel ugly and unloved. Sadly, those desperate for simple physical or emotional affection are more likely to put up with things they don't want to get it.

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  • Afin mentions that he has a sister.

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