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Daniel Smock
Age: 40
Birthdate: January 1, 1979
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown, possibly in finance at a Hotel / Casino
Location: Captiva, FL, formerly Virginia Beach VA
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Obese
Pedophile Websites: BLOL, KLOL, BoyMoment, Boypassion.net
Daniel Smock aka “AirboyDS” is a pedophile who is a moderator on the very graphic pedophile website BoyMoment. He also conducts the “interviews” of prominent "boylovers" on the site and has frequented the pedophile forum boards BLOL, KLOL and Boypassion.net.
File:BLOL.com - View Profile- airboyds.png
Daniel Smock aka "AirboyDS" profile on the pedophile forum BLOL

Daniel Smock aka AirboyDS is a moderator on the very graphic pedophile website BoyMoment. He also conducts the “interviews” of prominent "boylovers" on the site and has frequented the pedophile forum boards BLOL, KLOL and Boypassion.net.

Daniel Smock is the former roommate of the pedophile Jonty, who lived with AirboyDS before he went to visit Jizzony (another pedophile who is now in prison for child molestation). Even though AirboyDS knew that Jonty molested one of Jizzony's nephews during this visit, he did not report it to the police. Instead, he encouraged Jizzony and Jonty to "work it out" on the pedophile forum board with the administrators. Jonty was eventually turned over to the police and is currently serving time in an Omaha prison for that crime.

Even though Daniel Smock's relationship with Jonty lead to his being investigated by the police, Smock aka AirboyDS continues to act as a moderator on BoyMoment.


I am! I love boy feet!

20. September 2006

Here's what's happened in 24 days:

1 I am taking classes that are very in depth and teadious
2 I gain a young friend
3 Less than 20 days, my yf is severely injured, that he passes away from those injuries
4 My friendship with my best friend is up in the air; not sure if we will still be friend or not
5 I gain another yf, who is the best friend of my the boy listed on bullet number 2
6 My friend and co-worker passes away, and I miss her horribly
7 In 17 days, I lose the friendship of # 5, as he accuses me of seducing boys, and threatens to turn me in.

Our Investigation

The following steps have been taken in our investigation of AirboyDS, which led us to his real name of Daniel Smock:

  • We noticed a pedophile named AirboyDS posting on the BoyMoment Website that he had a friend from Australia.
  • He also mentioned that his Australian friend came to live with him, then moved in with Jizzony.
  • His E-mail address led to several public sites using the name Daniel Smock as well as public data linking him to the address in Virginia Beach.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • airboyDS

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address


Former Addresses 4961 SWORD RD

4145 Starwood Arch
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

PO Box 5031
Virginia Beach, VA 23471-0031

Last Known Phone Number

(757) 460-1940

Additional Quotes

Replying to a post by Jonty describing his trip to Jizzony's house where he molested a young boy:

Hey Jonty!

I agree with Dosedo, in that when you have what you longed for, then you no longer have a thirst for it. Make sense? In other words, I love the fact that you are around so many boys, because that was a dream of yours. Now that your dream has been fulfilled, then you no longer have that thirst for being around boys. If you were to be away from them for awhile, I am sure you would get your thirst back. So sit back, relax and have fun!

Summer is the best time to be a boylover, in my opinon. You have things such as the LLWS, and seeing boys while swim at the pool or the beach. I hate the humidity here, but the summers just rock! I love it!!

I thought that 2006 was going to be a better year for me than 2005 was, and the first half of the year proved to be just that. It was great, because in late July 2006, I met my yf who lived many miles away from me. No big deal, because we would e-mail all the time. We would wake up and look forward to the e-mail from the other person, and would respond immediately. There were times I was late for work, and he was late for school, but none of that mattered. It went great until I got the e-mail from his best friend.

August 26 was the day he died, and it shattered my heart. He was 13 and in memory of him, I had bought a chrysanthemum, because it reminded me of how bright he is. I bought the whole plant, and snipped 14 buds off of the plant. I went to the beach, and released 13 (one for each year he was alive) bud, said a prayer, and kissed each one before it went to the water. The final bud was for eternity, and I did the same with it. The water signified forever, which is why I wanted to toss the buds into the ocean. I miss his so much, and think about him all the time. I do remember the fun we had with the e-mails and the jokes we would tell. Even though I have felt pain, I look at the picture he sent to me, and look at his beautiful smile, and know he is doing just fine.

Additional Information

  • Big fan of the TV show "ALF".
  • He has TMJ and grinds his teeth.

speak English and some Spanish. I would like to learn Dutch, as that is a part of my ancestory.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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