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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Age: 46
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Wisconsin, possibly close to the Chicago, IL area
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boylandonline, BoyMoment, Boys Scout Camp, Kidzlandonline, Todd Perkins, Worldwide Boylove Community, NewBoyPals.org, Crossdressers.com
Ben, aka Alanped, clbenster and other screen names, is a pedophile who is actively involved in child rape and often posts about it in pedophile forums online.

Alanped, aka clbenster and Ben, is a pedophile who is not only involved in many online pedo forums, but he uses them to openly admit to being actively involved in child rape activities. He is a regular member and active poster on sites such as Boylandonline, BoyMoment, Boys Scout Camp, Kidzlandonline, and Worldwide Boylove Community. In addition, he is also a member of the site run by another pedophile, Todd Perkins. He also is a member of NewBoyPals.org and Crossdressers.com.

Ben states that his AoA is of children between the ages of 0 (infants) and 10 years old. He is attracted to both boys and girls, but has a preference for boys. In some posts he states that he has no interests in females, but in other posts he mentions collecting girls' clothing to use in his fantasies and masturbation. He also admits to masturbating to images on the internet and has previously held an account with a Russian image hosting service which is known amongst pedophiles as a place to store child pornography. He has posted that he is interested in "Toddlerkon", which is a type of anime drawings featuring sexual images of young children. This information would seem to indicate that it is highly likely that he is in possession of child pornography.

Ben discusses having his first sexual experience at the age of 13, with a child who was a 6 year old neighbor. He boasts of having a 14 year old YF, whom he's been sexually active with since the child was only 7 years old. He has even discussed that this boy is now repeating the cycle by sexually abusing children younger than himself, and even brought one boy to meet Ben. During that meeting, Ben states that the boys wanted to have sex with him, to which he obliged. He openly discusses this meeting on the forums, as well as many other incidences which are blatant admissions of child rape.


Normally we like to post two or three quotes to give the reader a more in depth look into the type of posts the subject is making on pedophile forums, however this man is admitting to active sexual involvement with children, so we are posting the following in hopes that this extremely dangerous man and his victims can be identified as soon as possible. More quotes are available further down the page. Reader discretion is strongly advised:

I am just curious what people's opinions on using condoms when having anal intercourse with a young boy?

I have been quite active with young boys for some time and most or actually all my lovers over the years have been boys and I really don't use condoms and I do get tested at least once a month or every other month for aids or anything else and I always come back okay.

I love the natural feeling of what my penis feels like inside of a young boys anus and it seems like he usually does as well and most times I do end up cuming inside a young boy as well.

Does anyone that is active with young boys use condoms when having sex with them?

But since sometimes I am having sex with boys as young as 7 years old, so you think that its safer having sex with him than it is with a boy that might be 15 or 16? I mean I am gentle at all times with boys and do not force them and its all on what feels good to them. I just don't want to do anything that risks there life

I know that for me when I am rimming a young boy that it actually helps relax the boys rectum and anus and relaxes him so much and then I find that its alot easier to then enter him with my penis because he is so relaxed down there, also rimming a young boy is so amazing

Well a week ago my boyfriend whom is 14 introduced me to a young boy that he is very interested in and is seeing on the side and has been seeing for some time. I guess he told his young friend about me and he wanted to meet me. Well they came over to the house and I was suprise to see that the boy is like 7 years old, around the same age my bf was when I met him.

Well they are very active sexually and they wanted me to join them in a night of fun and of course being the horny pervert that I am I couldn't refuse either of them. That night I ended up being the first to perform anal sex on the young boy and it was so intense and I was so suprised to realize that the boy really didn't have a hard time taking my penis at all. It felt so amazing having intercourse with the young boy. My bfs ass is so fun to have sex with but I really miss what feelings I get from a very young boys ass is.

I am not sure what will come of this relationship that my bf has with this boy but the young boy has seem to have attached himself to me as well and I am not sure if this now a threesome relationship or what. I kind of feel in a way that I am now a recruiter for boys to have sex with other boys. I know as an adult that I enjoy sexual relations with young boys so much. It was amazing when I was about to slide my condom to have sex on the 7yo and he told me not to use one and being so horny for the moment I didn't and did him bareback and for some reason that feels 100 times more intense.

I feel like I am addicted so badly to young boys.

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed Alanped as a member of the BoyMoment pedophile forum, posting an admission that he is a pedophile who is attracted to both boys and girls. He also admitted to being interested in "toddlerkon" and invited other members to contact him via YIM or MSN Messenger.
  • Using the ID given in his BoyMoment post, alan327ben, we were able to locate him on another pedophile forum, NewBoyPals.org. On this particular site, he was registered as clbenster and gave his age, an e-mail address, another YIM ID and mentioned the same MSN contact as he had on BoyMoment.
  • Following the screen names he had provided, one of our volunteers found a crossdresser's website in which he had registered as CLBENSTER, aka alanped.
  • A check back at Boymoment revealed that he had an alternate screen name registered there too, as Clbenster.
  • Continuing our search using the various screen names, we located another profile on yet another pedophile forum, as Clbenster at Worldwide Boylove Community, another membership as clbenster at Boys Scout Camp, and yet another at Boylandonline and it's sister site, Kidzlandonline.
  • In a post on Boylandonline, Ben admitted to being located outside of the Chicago area.
  • Using an internet archive site, we also located posts from Alanped on the forums run by another pedophile activist, Todd Perkins, wherein he admitted to sexual intercourse with two boys.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names:

  • AlanPed
  • alan327ben
  • alanben
  • clbenster

E-Mail Addresses:

Other Contact Info:

  • YIM: alan327ben
  • YIM: clbenster
  • MSN: alan327ben


Last Known Address

Subject states that he lives "outside the Chicago area", however his exact location is not known. If you have information leading to the address and/or telephone number for this person, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Hypothetically speaking of course I would be fucking the boy while he is on his back with his legs on my shoulders so I can look at him right in the eyes and see what he is feeling by his facial expressions, another would be him sitting on the peter and having total control of the movements and so on.

I have been attracted to younger boys ever since I was a boy myself. I noticed that at around age 10 or so that younger boys turned me on.

The first boy that I noticed that I was attracted to was my 4yo cousin and he was running around the house naked and for some reason his body was such a turn on for me. The way his butt looked and how cute it was to his small belly to everything about him.

I have always been attracted to the same sex and consider myself gay big time because I have never found females even remotely attractive. I had my first gay experience when I was 8 and it was with an older boy who sucked me and tried to put his penis inside me but was too big at the time to do so, yet later on in life I would realize that I loved to have mens cocks inside me.

I didn't have my first sexual experience with a young boy until I was 13 and it was with a neighbor boy who was 6 and he let me suck him and rim his butt and it was so amazing. From that point on my interaction with young boys just sky rocketed and my contacts with boys was amazing all the way up until I was like 40 or so when my contacts started slowing down and found it harder to meet boys and so on.

I have a young boyfriend now but he is a little older than I am attracted to but I did meet him when he was 7 and now he is 14 and we have a great relationship and we are very much in love. I really don't see what the big deal is about having a consentual relationship with a child is. I didn't start having intercourse with the boy until he said that it didn't hurt anymore and he got into it and now loves to have it done. He also does me as well and its so intense.

He totally accepts that I am a pedophile and enjoy sex relations with young boys. The hardest part is hiding who I am.

When I see a young boy that I am attracted to or catches my eye I often wonder what his body looks like under those clothes or what he would look like naked, yeah I am a pervert but you asked a question and I am just answering it, lol

To be totally honest I have a large collection of young girls clothing than I do boys clothing. I just really enjoy using girls clothes for my fantasies and when I masturbate. I have everything from skirts, dresses, leotards, panties, swimsuits and various other clothing and yes they need to be washed alot.

I like short shorts that really show the definition of a young boy, but I also like anything that a boy wears so I guess that would be all of the above, nude of course is the ultimate best.

Additional Information

  • Has an older sister from whom he admits to having stolen her clothing when he was 7 or 8 years old, which he also notes was the beginning of his years as a crossdresser.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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