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James Stephen Knight
Age: late 40s/early 50s
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Software research and development
Location: British Columbia, Canada (homeless)
Physical Description:
Weight: Slim
Eye Color: Blue?
Hair Color: Brown (long)
Other: Unkempt, beard, bad teeth
Organizations: GirlChat, BoyChat, Pedologues, YouTube
James Knight is a deranged pedophile activist who makes videos of himself speaking about pedophile activism, and has been on the pedophile message boards for years.


James Stephen Knight AKA albertRoss is a pedophile activist who was convicted of exposure to a minor. He was born in South Africa, but currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. He makes videos inciting pedophile activism. He's also been interviewed on Pedologues, and, at that time was living with a mother and her young teen daughter, both of whom were aware that he is a pedophile. His family has disowned him because of the charges and convictions which occurred due to him molesting a 10 year old girl, who he claims was his "common law step-daughter" at the time.

He is a homeless, dirty creature, often seen in his videos unwashed, high as a kite, smoking pot, and ranting like a lunatic. Definitely a shining role-model for other activists, and a good example of how deluded pedophile activists are. He considers himself to be a free-spirited hippie who just "loves" little girls, but, watching his videos, one can see how deranged he is, and that he is a definite threat to children he may come in contact with.


my crime was 'exposure to a minor' - she had just turned ten at the time, my common law stepdaughter of two years, and there is a whole long story connected with what happened, and why i did what i did, but it's difficult to tell because it's mostly her story, and it's not right that i share that. the original charge was 'indecent exposure' but they deliberately dropped the word indecent, which sort of implies that what i did was actually quite decent, and the judge said that she could find no evidence of criminal intent, but felt that she had to 'make an example' of me.

Along with the fallacy that most everyone is a pedophile, and that pedophiles are not the ones who hurt children. Again, this is from the mouth of a convicted sex offender:

A. paedophile feelings have shit to do with who hurts who - you cannot use this data to determine how a person will act.

B. most everybody has paedophile feelings.

ultimately C will emerge - that actually paeds are generally the ones who don't hurt, and that the people who do almost always lack these qualities.

From one of his latest GirlChat Posts:

there are real sharks in these waters - highly intelligent, and very well versed in the myriad ways of tracking down a man's identity on the net. there are vultures too - creatures of very limited brain, and even worse morals, who will flock to your channel to feast on your carcass.

comments are by approval only on this video because in five hours i've collected almost thirty messages from the vultures, and if you care to take a look at my profile on wikisposure - ... - you'll find a whole wealth of information about me - none of it pretty, but all of it almost perfectly accurate......

Our Investigation

The information we have obtained regarding albertRoss AKA James Knight comes directly from his postings, his homemade videos, and from public records. The investigation is ongoing at this time. We will update this article when more information becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • albertRoss
  • jamesKnight1962

Known Websites

Last Known Address

Lives in a van or shack somewhere in Canada and has been known to stay with families who have female children.

Last Known Business address:

7528 Sechelt Inlet Road
Sechelt BC V0N 3A4 Canada

Last Known Phone Number

1 604 8858046

Additional Quotes

This is a reference to a teen girl named "Chelsea," who appeared on Pedologues, episode 28, along with albertRoss:

right back at you

Posted by albertRoss on 2007-January-1 16:13:47, Monday

In reply to Happy New Years! posted by Rookiee on 2006-December-31 23:54:11, Sunday

all the best for the new year, whatever your track, and it's good to hear from you again. chelsea says hi...

Additional Information


  • Albert Ross was convicted of "Exposure to a Minor".

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