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Alfred LeGrand
Age: 63
Birthdate: November 2, 1956
Location: UK
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, BLISS
Alfie AKA Alfred LeGrand is a pro-pedophile activist and author who has frequented the board BoyChat and posted pedophilia-based fiction on ASSTR and Usenet. LeGrand also operated a now-defunct website that featured pictures of young boys being spanked.

Alfie aka Alfred LeGrand is a pro-pedophile activist and author who has frequented boards such as BoyChat and BLISS, and posted pedophilia-based fiction on ASSTR. At one time, LeGrand also operated a website called Alfie's Naughty Boy Site, which featured pictures of young underage boys being caned and spanked. He advertised this website through posts on various Usenet groups; prompting outrage from other members who complained until the site was subsequently shut down by authorities. He called one of these websites "Project Riddingburg."

In his posts on BoyChat, LeGrand claims to have been a counselor and a child care professional; stating that he has worked in the field of child welfare and as a "therapist" for treating sex offenders. He also has stated that "paedosexuality" was an influencing factor in this choice of career; and that pedophiles have reason to get involved in order to help influence practice and policy from within.

He has also posed as a 12 year old boy named Danny in newsgroups designed for children, and created a website for children to submit stories to.


My CV as a child-care professional includes jobs which involved direct contact with kids and jobs that didn't. The latter are mainly in the field of child welfare and the rights and representation of young people.

No doubt my paedosexuality was a factor in my choice of career, but it's not as straightforward as it looks. I care passionately about the issues involved, and I go to work to do a productive job and earn a crust, not to get my rocks off. As Hulann noted, there are boys everywhere.

My CV also includes roles as a therapist with "convicted sex offenders" (many of whom were kids themselves or only just on the cusp of adulthood). I've never seen a conflict between that and my personal sexuality. It's quite the opposite: would you take marriage guidance from some dude who'd never had relationship problems or want an addiction counsellor who was a life-long teetotaler? I wouldn't.

But unlike those who seek counselling or join AA, convicts have no choice in the matter (unless it's brutalization behind bars). All the more reason for those of us with a personal understanding and appreciation of the issues to get involved and try to influence practice and policy from within.

Our Investigation

  • Somebody named “Alfie” was posting on Boychat and BLISS.
  • The same individual was also posting pro-pedophile fiction on ASSTR and linking to known pedophile sites.
  • His Email addresses led to a person named Alfred LeGrand.
  • Google search of this name led to complaints about someone named Alfred LeGrand who had operated a website featuring pictures of underage boys being spanked.
  • This information matched with Alfie's posts on Boychat.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Additional Information

  • May have been employed by the BBC at one time.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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