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Alistair Patrick Cato
Age: 42
Birthdate: August 2, 1977
Race: White/Caucasian
Occupation: pensioner
Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Physical Description:
Other: See Photo Below
Pedophile Websites: Girlchat
Alistair Cato is a convicted pedophile from Australia who is a member of GirlChat
Alistair Cato deleted myspace profile

Alistaircato, AKA Alistair Patrick Cato, is a relative newcomer to the GirlChat forums. This pedophile calls himself the 'aussie girl lover'. He didn't make a good first impression among the other pedos on the site, since his first post was telling everyone about a Myspace group he made. They all felt that it was the "antis", or anti-pedophile activists, who were trying to catch the perverts on GirlChat. He does not hide his intentions like other pedophiles, who say they love the child but would never do anything physical with them. The forums and boards he belongs to include interests such as rape, Satan-worshiping, and childlove. He recently pleaded guilty to knowingly possessing child pornography and using an online information service to publish child pornography, but was not sentenced to prison. He was sentenced to two years of community service and will also be listed on the sex offenders registry for 15 years.


I sold my soul to Satan in exchange for i wish to become a girl no older than 5 years old and get sexauly abused for as long as can be arranged.

Interests: raping little girls age 5 to 9

Our Investigation

Following are the steps we took to link the pedo screenname "alistair_cato" with the real name of Alistair Patrick Cato:

  • We noticed him posting messages on pedo websites and he linked his yahoo email address, MySpace account and Live Journal Account.
  • An internet search led to a Yahoo profile, that showed his real name as Alistair Patrick Cato.
  • Other accounts on the internet lead to the same information posted on pedo websites.
  • Confirmed by an anonymous tip, a public records search and later by this article: [1]

Online Accounts

Known Aliases:

  • alistair_cato
  • aussieGL - used to sign on to some forums

Active Web sites:

Inactive Web sites:

E-mail Addresses:


Last Known Address

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Last Known Phone Number

If you have any information regarding this individual or his current whereabouts, contact [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Here is part of a list of interests he had posted on his now-suspended LiveJournal:

barebacking, blowjobs, bondage, boy love, boybliss, boychat, boylove, boys in panties, child abuse, child fucking, child love, child molestation, child molesting, child nudity, child porn, child pornography, child sexual abuse, child sexuality, childlove, consentual incest, consentual underage sex, dad/son, daddy/boy, daddy/daughter, daddy/little girl, daddy/son, dating preteens, deflowering preteen virgins, family love, fantasies, fantasizing, fantasy, female pedophiles, forbidden love, fucking kids, fucking little kids, fucking young girls, girl love, girlchat, girllove, girls, gl, incest, kiddie porn, kinky sex, little boys, little girls, lolita, lust, man/boy, men fucking young girls, molestation, molester, mommy/daughter, mother/daughter, naughty mommy, naughty schoolgirl, nude preteens, nudists, oral sex, orgies, pederasty, pedo, pedologues, pedophile, pedophile activism, pedophiles, pedophilia, pedosexuality, perversion, perverted stories, perverts, porn, pornography, prepubescence, preschool, preteen, preteen ass, preteen boys, preteen girls, preteen girls fucking adults, preteen sex, preteen sexuality, preteens, preteens raping adults, preteens wanting adult boyfriends, pubescence, puellula, purity, rape, school girls, schoolgirls, security, sex, sexual freedom, sin, small boobs, small cocks, statutory rape, taboo sex, twincest, under 18, underage, underage sex, underground porn, unprotected, virgins, woman/boy, young boys, young girls, young little boys

In case he wants to claim he is just "interested" in these and does not want to act on them:

hi im a aussie and im looking for other vic aussies to talk and organize rape days so if anyone wants to start here is my email:

alistair_cato @yahoo.com.au

Additional Information

  • He recently pleaded guilty to knowingly possessing child pornography and using an online information service to publish child pornography, but was NOT sentenced to prison.


Other Interests:

  • He is a satanist and likes to play poker

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