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Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyMoment, Boylove.net, Global-Unity
allaloneboy is a teen-aged boy who is yet another victim of the pedophile Indoctrination Campaign. Pedophiles were actively grooming him into performing for them on web cam, as well as attempting to have him bring his younger brother into the fold.

Allaloneboy, whose real identity is being withheld for his protection, is a teen-aged boy who has been made to believe that he belongs in the world of pedophiles. We're not sure exactly how allaloneboy came to find the online pedophile community, but he was probably looking for friendship and acceptance. From the tender age of 10 he found that, and much more, through several pedo sites on the internet.

We first noticed allaloneboy on BoyMoment, asking questions about relationships, love and sex. We would later find him on other pedo sites across the internet, including Boylove.net and Global-Unity, asking the same type of questions -- questions that most teenagers have at some point when they are trying to figure out who they are. Admitting openly that he has very low self esteem, the pedophiles he came in contact with on these sites gave him what he needed most. Acceptance. Given responsibilities as a staff member, allaloneboy couldn't help but be made to believe that he had found exactly what he was looking for through the friendship and sense of importance that the pedophiles bestowed upon him.

Yet another victim of the Indoctrination Campaign, he was preyed upon by pedophiles in charge of these sites as many other children with vulnerabilities who stumble upon their domain are preyed upon. By giving them positions of power and authority, the victims of this style of grooming come to feel that they are wanted and needed in this online environment. As time goes on, the pedophiles on these sites expose the victim more and more to the type of lifestyles they lead, and in many cases, take the victimization even further. Pedophiles on Global-Unity, a site which used real time chat with video and audio capabilities, took full advantage of allaloneboy. Members of the now-defunct site would chat using their web cams so they could view other members while socializing with each other, but it became clear that the web cams were being used for more than simply viewing the faces of those in the chat room. On one particular day when some of our volunteers were monitoring the site, the chat quickly turned into something much more than simple day to day conversation. Pedophiles in the chat room convinced allaloneboy to take off his shirt, and within a short time, other pedophiles were exposing themselves to this young teen. To make matters worse, allaloneboy was not always alone while he was on camera. At different points during his time on the web cam, his younger sister and younger brother had come into the room and were clearly visible to all who were viewing the chat. When the pedophiles in Global-Unity chat saw allaloneboy's younger brother, they not only made perverted comments about the younger sibling, but attempted to get allaloneboy to sign his little brother up for Global-Unity.

Thanks to the quick work of our volunteers who were monitoring Global-Unity, contact was made with law enforcement and with allaloneboy's parents, wherein they were able to intervene and remove allaloneboy from the grips of these pedophiles. While allaloneboy is very fortunate to have caring parents who will do what they can to help their son, there are many other kids and young teens on these pedophile sites who are being victimized through this type of grooming every day.


This is an example of the type of brainwashing that goes on with young victims of indoctrination:

Re: WHY are we boylover?

I was having a simalar discussion with jack and pimme, we did not chose who we are, we were born this way. Nothing we can do about it except embrace it.

While in the Global-Unity chatroom, other pedophiles made comments about allaloneboy's little brother who appeared on the web cam briefly:

blake (2008/02/06 - 18:57): someone call 911
blake (2008/02/06 - 18:57): send them to my house
Nikkie (2008/02/06 - 18:57): ok calling now Blake
blake (2008/02/06 - 18:57): I will not survive the night
blake (2008/02/06 - 18:57): :(
xxxx (2008/02/06 - 18:57): hel be right back
xxxx (2008/02/06 - 18:57): with a pencil n paper
blake (2008/02/06 - 18:58): he has a pencil in his pants tell him to use that
blake (2008/02/06 - 18:58): :)
xxxx (2008/02/06 - 18:58): lmfao

(Note: allaloneboy's real name has been replaced by x's in the quote above. The screen shot image below has also been altered to block out his real name as well as the web cam image of allaloneboy and his younger brother.)

Another example of the type chat that takes place between pedophiles and their victims:

blake (2008/02/06 - 19:34): omg
blake (2008/02/06 - 19:34): sexy
blake (2008/02/06 - 19:34): IS THAT A PACIFIER
TogaBoy (2008/02/06 - 19:34): lol
xxxx (2008/02/06 - 19:34): no!
blake (2008/02/06 - 19:34): i got something else u can suckle

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed allaloneboy, a young teen, posting on BoyMoment, wherein we gathered information from his profile and began to search for further information on him.
  • Information from allaloneboy's BoyMoment profile led us to other sites in which he was actively posting and even working as a staff member.
  • Upon examination of his profiles on Boylove.net and Global-Unity, we were also able to locate profiles on the internet for allaloneboy on many social networking sites across the internet. From there we were able to pin down a location.
  • Upon confirmation of the information through reliable sources, we were able to bring in the appropriate officials to contact his parents. Further contact with his parents through our caring staff assisted in making his parents fully aware of the depth of his activity and involvement in the online pedophile world.

Online Accounts

In an effort to protect his real identity, we are not posting the screen names, e-mail addresses, or instant messenger contact information for this teen. He has been very active on many social networking sites, which could lead to further victimization should his real information fall into the wrong hands.

Last Known Address

All information regarding this young teen's identity is being held in strict confidence and will not be posted on this site.

Additional Quotes

Sadly, many teenagers feel the way allaloneboy does, and as a result, many search the internet with the hopes of finding someone, anyone, who cares:

I feel ugly, but many have said i am the opposite, I have horrible low self astem, i have had mutiple relationships before hand and each said they loved me, two died, and the most recent moved away.. heh i have horrible luck.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding other victims of the Indoctrination Campaign, contact us at [email protected].

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