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Created: Late 1990's
Referred to as: AFP; AFPB; "The Fort"
Based out of: Usenet
Website Address:
Alt.fan.prettyboy is a Usenet group that has been frequented by child pornography traders. A number of its members have been arrested and convicted on child porn charges.

Alt.fan.prettyboy is a Usenet group that began in the late 1990’s and grew to be a huge cesspool of child pornography trading. Also known as “The Fort”, the group had many child pornographers who regularly posted pictures and videos of young boys being raped, and would accept “custom orders” from pedophiles who desired to see a specific kind of sexual abuse.

Investigations of alt.fan.prettyboy began after consumer watchdogs reported them to federal authorities. This led to a number of individuals being arrested and convicted for distribution of child pornography; outraged members of Usenet also began posting angry messages and reporting them as well. As a result, the group’s activity was slowed down substantially; but although many of the group’s current postings are either trolls or SPAM, some child porn trading is still taking place.

This group spawned an offshoot alt.fan.john, which was also centered around trading child pornography.

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