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Created: Pedophile newsgroup and mailing list
Referred to as: ASG-L
Based out of: U.S.
Founder: Ianthe (mail list) DarwinGL (newsgroup)
Purpose: To provide support for "girl-loving" pedophiles.
Website Address:
Current: newsgroup: http://alt.nntp2http.com/support/girl-lovers/2007/02/62442fe8a6a6a29195f2ef747d0d4b9f.html
Organizations: PACE
A Usenet group and a mail list for "girl-lover" pedophiles

Alt.support.girl-lovers AKA ASG-L AKA ASGL-L is a mail list started by the pedophile Ianthe in the 1990s. There is also a newsgroup with the same name, which was started by DarwinGL. While the two are separate entities, the goals are the same for each. They are intended to serve pedophiles attracted to girls under the age of 13-14. ASG-L was to be used as a forum for debate and as a place to lend support and encouragement to other "girl-loving" pedophiles.

Modeled after the successful Usenet newsgroup alt.support.boy-lovers, the ASG-L mail list subscribers receive, read, and contribute content through email. The mail list currently has just over 1,100 subscribers world-wide.

Though the newsgroup is not available through the public forum, it was brought back to life in 1999 by DarwinGL in the form of a private, moderated newsgroup. It is used to provide peer support and encouragement to pedophiles attracted to very young girls.

ASG-L, in both forms, is also used as a platform to distribute information and organize pedophiles into action. Users also commonly post links to direct other users to sites with pedophilic and/or pornographic content, and encourage illegal behavior amongst the membership.

After pursuing a (now 12) child friend, through her mother, for months I finally got to photograph her in her room on Monday, a rainy day. She was reluctant at first to go through the bother of changing and refused to put on the dress I had brought claiming it would be too small. I kept trying to get her to model one little silky green dress which she finally did after her mother (who was present but mostly stayed out of the way, except to apply lipstick & eyeshadow at one point) said, "Oh do it and put him out of his misery!" She also put on the thigh-high white lace stockings I'd brought but said they felt creepy and quickly shed them. Finally she went off to the bathroom and came out in a red satin miniskirt and black tube top. As this was our first session I kept the photos straightforward and didn't push her, but I'm hoping when she sees the results she will be eager for another round.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this group is to provide mutual understanding and support for girl lovers in an intolerant society. It exists as a forum to provide a place to promote discussion and intelligent thought along these lines among like-minded individuals, be they girl lovers or not. In addition, this group aims to promote the understanding of pedophilia in general, and girl loving in particular, so as to lead to a higher level of tolerance in everyday society. We hope to show, through our words and actions, that we are not a danger to children or to society in general.

This is a support forum, and as such, is intended to help those who are seeking to come to a fuller understanding of their girl loving. This is not a forum for those who feel that girl loving is evil and wrong, or for those looking to be "cured". While we welcome intelligent, positive discussion on those topics, please keep the primary goals of this group in mind.

Quotes from the mail list

When I first saw her, several weeks before her tenth birthday, my heart did a double flip with the instant love I had for this adorable child. From her long brown hair, through her quizzical blue-grey eyes, her up-turned nose and generous mouth with its sensual lips I knew I loved this child.

And she knew it too: climbing onto my lap, moving around to get comfortable, taking my hand in hers and pressing it to her own lap where it caressed her, stopped from achieving its desired target by a few millimetres of denim and cotton.

I was a frequent visitor to her house, and one day her mother called me in for a 'serious chat'. My heart sank. I would be banned from seeing my love again - that thought was paramount, taking precedence even over the next thought of police and courts. I didn't want to go through that again.

no, I'm usually drawn to girls 5-12 no matter how I feel. All that changes is my level of guilt or fear.

I made a big deal before about how I loose interest when hair starts appearing and chests begin to sag and turn into breasts - but there's other things I prefer about the physical appearance of little girls. I'm quite turned on by their general size and proportions. I'm rather put off by tall girls. Sophie's friend Ellie grow to be huge by the time she was 11. You'd have thought she was 16. Her face had lost all it's childly softness too. As for the proportions, I know they change very much over the years 5-12 but they always seem absolutely perfect. 13 and older and everything just sprawls out horribly!

A little later she had climbed up on something,turned around, and then held out her little arms.

I quickly guessed that she meant for me to embrace her and probably pick her up and hold her, and that was indeed the case - telepathy in action! She then squirmed a little and raised her legs up leaving me holding her like a baby, a rather large 4 y.o. baby! And then, rather unbabylike, she stretched herself out while I held her aloft. As one arm cradled her soft yet firm little buttocks and the other cradled her shoulders, it became intoxicatingly obvious to me that this was no baby. Already she had developed sufficiently that her little form was unmistakably that of a girl-child, and I especially appreciated the perfect form of her little naked thighs up so warm and close to my face. Oh pleasure! Of course, this being a public place, I did not allow this interesting posture to last very long, so I softly brought her down to the ground and we joined the others for some ball games, food, and more chat.

Recent Mail List Postings

Maro writes:

I have recently come across a sensible blog (http://anu.nfshost.com) with which I have no connexion, but I reproduce the Campaign they are carrying out because I believe it to be a right cause, so if you live in the UK you can write to the Home Office before 22nd June to stop child cartoon erotica being illegal.

And it is with great pride that the Child Erotica Freedom Party releases its first ever INTERACTIVE child erotica story where you can choose what you can do to the little girl (Jessica 10yo).

You can download it here:

http://labs.espana2000.com - Pages removed.

And submit your feedback to our new blog:

http://news.espana2000.com - Pages removed

Press Release from the Child Erotica Freedom Party (UK Branch)

Regarding the recent comments from the head of the British government sponsored anti child erotica organization also known as "CEOP", in which he states that people downloading child erotica should not be jailed, the Child Erotica Freedom Party wishes to make the following points clear.

1- The proposals must be followed by COMPENSATION to any child erotica consumer who has ever been in jail for looking at pictures of child eroticism. This compensation must be of at least HALF A MILLION POUNDS.

2- The anti child erotica unit must ISSUE PUBLIC APOLOGIES for all their years of nonsense witch hunt.

3- All child erotica confiscated MUST BE RETURNED to the original owner, where this is not possible, the owner will be given a FREE subscription for a year to a CHILD EROTICA WEBSITE of equal quality as the pictures and videos confiscated.

4- We will not accept a police caution for child erotica viewers as a reasonable solution, we will only accept TOTAL LEGALIZATION of child erotica.

The Child Erotica Freedom Party WILL NOT NEGOTIATE with the British government nothing other than compensation to those affected by the antichild erotica witch hunt, public apologies, return of all child erotica to the owners and total legalization of child erotica on all its forms.

Child Erotica Freedom Party (UK Branch) 1st of June 2007 http://documents.espana2000.com

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If you have any information regarding this site, contact us at [email protected].

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