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Age: 45+
Birthdate: Unknown, zodiac is Pisces
Race: Unknown
Occupation: medical information field
Location: South of Santa Ana, California
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, Somersault
Ambar is a convicted sex offender who has been a regular poster on BoyChat for many years. He states that he is listed as a sexually violent predator.

Ambar is a pedophile who has been a regular member of BoyChat for a very long time. He is, by his own admission, a convicted sex offender who is classified as being a sexually violent predator.

In July 2007, Ambar, who was employed as an engineer, was fired from his job. He states that a "nosey" employee found out about his conviction because of the Megan's Law web site and reported him to the employer. In discussing his conviction, Ambar states that he was incarcerated for nearly 15 years for touching a boy while he was sleeping. He has admitted to having been tried two other times; one trial ended in a hung jury, and the other one was dismissed. He also has admitted to having been arrested at 13 years old for being a male prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard.

Although Ambar states that he does not have contact with boys at all anymore, due to his conviction, he has posted in the past about having a YF, a child he referred to as "D-10", meaning his first name starts with the letter "D" and that he was 10 years old. Ambar has posted about sleeping with the child and that "D" had a bed wetting problem. Ambar states that he has been sexual since he was 8 years old, first with a playmate and then with his best friend's Father. He also states that he was photographed nude and in sexual situations, and that he is aware that images of himself are still on the internet and in books. Ambar states however, the he was not a victim, enjoyed being photographed and being sexual as a child. He states that he has no problem with kiddie porn and does not consider himself a victim.

As an activist, Ambar actively communicates with other sex offenders, including many who are incarcerated. He states that he writes and receives quite a bit of mail on a regular basis, and drives 8 hours, every other month, to visit some of those with whom he corresponds. He states that he holds a law degree and that he is knowledgeable about California jury law. Ambar works for some sort of governmental agency which deals with medical records, in a high security, heavily guarded, facility.


Can you imagine, snug and warm, sound asleep, having wonderful dreams, snuggling with your YF, and slowly, slowly becoming aware that something just isn't quite right, in that Never-Never Land place between awake and asleep and then you sit right up with a shock as you realize that this beautiful litle angel next to you is peeing on your leg!!!

Yeah, been there done that. My YF D was a bedwetter, and not just wetting, the floodgates opened. I think he saved it up all day and let loose and hosed me at night, and always on a night when we went to bed late and had to be up early. I began to wonder about that boy.

Well, we talked about it. Cut off the liquids at night. Pee'd before going to bed. Bought more sheets. Did a S*#t load of laundry. Bought a new mattress and put a plastic cover on it. Did everything I could think of.

Dreamy boys are the best under the covers

Oops, I mean boy dreams are the best under the covers. Geez, what was I thinking?????

It was the (censored) part that distracted me.

Our Investigation

  • Our investigation of Ambar started when we noticed his posts on BoyChat, noting in particular those posts in which he stated that he is a convicted sex offender.
  • All information gathered to date has come directly from posts by Ambar, through his own admission.
  • As our investigation is ongoing, we will update this article when more information becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names/Aliases:

  • Ambar
  • AMDG

E-Mail Addresses:

Web Sites:


Last Known Address

South of Santa Ana, CA - If you have information regarding the location or telephone number of this individual, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Had a YF (D-10) quite awhile back who I thought was totally hot in shorts and a tank top too (when he was wearing clothes which was rare). He had friends who also wore shorts and tank tops. They were attractive too. But not like D!!! So how could D make me dizzy and the other boys were just 'attractive?'

Could it be that the physical love for D came out of an emotional love for him? I wasn't 'in love' with the other boys, but D, well that was different.

I think that sometimes there is little seperationbetweenloveandsex. It can be confusing. For some people love(equals)sex + sex(equals)love. Can't have one without the other and maybe they're the same thing. I will always find boys attractive, but then I find new Ferraris attractive too but I don't want to suck on it's tailpipe. (But I would like to sit naked in one...)

When I was 8 years old I was filmed...

So now I wonder, if the old 8mm films and the Polaroids and the photographs that were taken of me when I was a minor, a good portion of which would clearly be considered pornographic under today's standards, would it be wrong for me, or anybody else, to view them?

If I look at pictures that were taken of me, with my then and continued to today consent, is it wrong? Can I give consent to myself to look at KP of myself? Is it legal for me to have KP of myself?

I have no issues with the material and don't care who looks at them. I am quite glad that I did them and if I had the chance I would do it again (I just wish I still looked that good), but if someone has them, and I do know that some have migrated to the net and are in active circulation there and in some old books and magazines, what is the crime?

I certainly don't consider myself a victim either in the making or the viewing, so am I a victim by default having no choice in the matter? Wouldn't that in itself make me a victim? Isn't that always wrong?

When I was 13 I only got $20, sometimes...

(In reply to boy awarded $7500 for shock over blowjob offer posted by newshound)

maybe it's the rate of inflation???

but then it could also have been supply and demand, Hollywood Blvd area was a pretty active place back then. I wonder if I'm traumatized??? After all, I was arrested for prostitution when I was 13, so why was I arrested and not treated for traumatic shock back then?? What changed?

Additional Information

  • Lives close to a Catholic University, and refers to himself as a "Jesuit Survivor"
  • Knowledgeable regarding the keeping of medical records, medications and HIPAA laws
  • Loves to travel and owns an RV which he has offered to let other pedophiles use if they needed a place to stay

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