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Created: May 6, 2000
Referred to as: GirlChat, GC
Based out of: Canada, hosted in Russia
Founder: Bach
Purpose: To provide a place for pedophiles who are attracted to little girls to talk about being sexually attracted to children.
Website Address:
Current: http://annabelleigh.net
Previous: http://gc.glgarden.org/
Organizations: BoyChat, Epifora, Open Hands, etc.
A message board for pedophiles who are attracted to little girls.

Annabelleigh.net is a pedophile Website dedicated to adults who want to have sex with very young girls. It's populated with pedophiles from around the world who discuss different ways to groom little girls, how to avoid getting caught by police and parents, and many other aspects of pedophilia dealing with young girls. It is the sister site to Boychat and is often called Girlchat.

They also are known to bully children into revealing their identities on the internet. See The Fayla Incident.

GirlChat Committee

Last Known Address

800 Place Victoria
P.O. Box 433
Montreal, Quebec H4Z 1J7

Last Known Phone Number


Email addresses


Next, an actual GROUP of them came in, all sisters, about 5 of them all together. Their ages ranged from 5-12 I think, an actual AoA in my very eyes. They were all rather pretty blondes, and the eldest did have a nice..... backside. To my shame, it was raining, so they all wore heavy coats except for the eldest, who was simply in jeans and a shirt.

Afterwords, we went to the store, and I saw another one, she was.... 6 I think. I can't remember what she wore, but she was absolutely adorable eating her ice cream. If you guys also don't know, girls eating is perhaps one of the cutest things, in my opinion. We played a little bit of 'peekaboo', while her Mother looked at clothes. She would duck behind one of the racks, and than I would duck out, and she would giggle around her icecream.

Ah..... such good days.

There is nothing wrong with trading images or producing consensual cp. So this man did nothing wrong, and should not be put in jail.

He's just an innocent victim of oppression.

He is our friend.

- Heartfallen

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site, contact us at [email protected].

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