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Age: 18
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Student
Location: Unknown
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, GirlChat, CBLF, ANU, LiveJournal Blogger
BLueRibbon is a pedo-activist, who is probably best known for his attempts to normalize the views of pedophiles and activism through Wikipedia
BLueRibbon on legalization of child pornography

BLueRibbon is a pedophile activist in his late teens, who is a regular member of BoyChat, GirlChat and ANU. He is also very much a part of the Wikipedia Campaign, which is an attempt to mainstream pedophilia and activist views by creating and editing articles on Wikipedia as they relate to pedophilia and child sexuality issues. Although he is currently banned from Wikipedia, he has vowed to create another user account so he can continue his campaign.

As an author/blogger on ANU, BLueRibbon claims that he does not support adult-child sex, but that he is there to "explain" the difference between pedophiles and child molesters. He has blogged about having a female sibling who was repeatedly molested and abused as a child, yet allows him to babysit because, in her eyes, he is not a danger to children.


...I believe that the possession of child pornography should not be illegal...The point of this article is to expose the fact that dishonesty does exist within law enforcement, groups which are often perceived to be the enforcers of morality and “decency.” I don’t believe that most officers are corrupt, however it must be noted that corruption does exist, especially in areas which interest the public, such as those regarding paedophilia

Child pornography - for some people - is a way of relieving sexual urges without engaging in sexual activity with children. In these cases, viewing child pornography prevents the abuse of children. By prohibiting the possession of child pornography, the government is unintentionally encouraging the abuse of children, because such laws criminalise a legitimate release. The question is, considering that some people do have weak levels of control, would you rather someone view a nude photograph of a child or teenager, or would you rather them actually sexually abuse minors? ...

The aversion to allowing people to view freely available images does not protect children, rather it criminalises and therefore discourages legitimate releases for paedophiles with weaker levels of control. There is no true evidence that the possession of child pornography encourages a person to abuse children, either.

The best way to prevent the sexual abuse of children is to decriminalise the possession of child pornography, while imprisoning people who produce, purchase, sell, distribute or trade the material.

Our Investigation

  • We first found BLueRibbon as a poster on BoyChat and began to examine his posts as he seemed to be very outspoken regarding pedophile activism
  • Web searches using his screen name revealed that he was also very active in the blogging community, with a LiveJournal blog which would eventually be suspended by LJ for TOS violations. We then discovered that BLueRibbon was a very active member of a new blogging site called ANU.
  • Our investigation into this person is ongoing, however we will update this article as information becomes available and is confirmed.

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  • BLueRibbon

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Last Known Address

Unknown at this time. If you have information regarding this individual's address and/or telephone number, or of his contact with minor children, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Information

  • Often quotes articles and laws from the UK

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If you have any information regarding this individuals current whereabouts, contact [email protected].

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