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William H. Andriette
Age: 54 (approx)
Birthdate: 1965
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Writer/Journalist
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: NAMBLA
Bill Andriette is a pedophile activist and a member of NAMBLA.

Bill Andriette was at one time a Steering Committee member for NAMBLA and is a self-described "journalist." He has been the editor of NAMBLA’s membership publication, the "Bulletin." While active with NAMBLA, Andriette produced a pedophile magazine called "GAYME". He is now the feature editor of "The Guide", a gay e-zine, but the articles he writes aren't necessarily about the gay community. Instead, they are thinly veiled attempts to coerce the gay community to sympathize with pedophiles. He uses insidious, manipulative, tactics to try to bully homosexuals into sharing the same margin with pedophiles.

Bill Andriette would like the LGBT community to think that he's one of their people. He'd like them to think he's standing up for their rights, and writing about their issues. Instead, he is using it as a platform to try to push the agenda of pedophiles within a community that is trying to fight for the rights of adults. The only rights Andriette has in mind are his rights to have sex with children.

Andriette was also in a documentary called "Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys", in 1994. The film presented members of NAMBLA in discussions about why they support relationships between adult men and little boys, both emotional and sexual in nature.

Andriette used his position as a "gay journalist" to attack our Corporate Sex Offender's campaign and to take up for Epifora without disclosing the fact that he is himself a pedophile and long time member of NAMBLA. Our affiliated site, Perverted-Justice.com, hit back at one of his articles point by point, when later it was realized that he is himself a hardcore pedophile activist.


The present scandal presents itself as being about "pedophilia" and the protection of children, not about homosexuality. Pedophilia is defined as sexual attraction to prepubescent children. But of the 100 or so priests who have been accused in Boston, only a handful are charged with sex with girls or prepubescent boys. The scandal's main thrust, both in Boston and around the world, is about pederasty, which anthropologically-speaking, is homosexuality's dominant form. The Catholic pedophile priest scandal is a homosexual scandal.

Our Investigation

  • We began to investigate Bill Andriette after being made aware of his activism on behalf of pedophilia. He first presented himself as a gay journalist to the online community, but it soon became clear that he was representing pedophiles because he himself is a pedophile.
  • Searching through Andriette's online posts and articles, we were able to determine that he was in fact a member of NAMBLA and actively working to get the homosexual community involved in the pedophile fight for acceptance in society.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Bill Andriette

Known Websites

Articles By Andriette


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Believed to be in Boston, MA.

Additional Quotes

In defense of Leroy Hendricks, he apparently believes that nothing is wrong with what this criminal has done. He writes:

Leroy Hendricks has principally been found guilty of what's known today as "bad touch." One charge on his rap sheet seems almost droll: a 1963 conviction of "lewd conduct" for playing strip poker with a teenage girl. Before that, in 1954, he had his first conviction, for exposing himself to two girls. Then in 1960, he fondled two boys, ages seven and eight, at a carnival where he worked. In 1963 he was convicted of touching the genitals of a seven-year-old girl who was a friend of his family. In 1967, Hendricks was found guilty of fondling a boy and fondling and licking the genitals of a girl– again friends of the family– with whom he had gone camping. Hendricks's last conviction, in 1984, was for touching, through their pants, the crotches of two 13-year-old boys, customers at the electronics store where he worked. In addition, Kansas alleges that Hendricks fondled and had oral sex with his stepson and stepdaughter for a period in the 1970s, in exchange for letting them smoke cigarettes and drive his truck, but there were never any criminal charges.

Hendricks has trouble keeping his hands to himself. But he was never accused or convicted of penetrative sex with minors, nor of using force or threats against anyone.

It's helpful to put Hendricks's indiscretions in perspective. In most societies throughout history, child fondling has been a matter for giggles or mild chastisement. Indeed, in the US during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, minor punishments were what was generally meted out to those found guilty of uncoerced, mildly sexual acts with adolescents or children. During those decades, Hendricks's indiscretions, like those of a habitual public drunk, got him successive slaps on the wrist– well-deserved most would say."

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