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Kevin Morrissey
Age: 62
Birthdate: January 3, 1957
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Last known: Home Automation Engineer at Home Tech Wiring Inc.
Location: Port Orchard, Washington, United States
Physical Description:
Height: 5'8"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Grey/White
Other: Body Type: slender
Individuals: Jizzony, Lyrical_Cancer, Thisoneguy
Pedophile Websites: BoyMoment, Global-Unity, Boylover.net, BoyZoom, Church of Jesus Among the Teachers
Kevin Morrissey was a moderator on the pedophile forum BoyMoment and is an administrator on Church of Jesus Among the Teachers.

Kevin Morrissey

File:Boimatt - 02.jpg
Kevin Morrissey
File:Boimatt - 01.jpg
Kevin Morrissey

Update! Kevin T. Morrissey was arrested on an outstanding warrant for possession of obscene material, after a high-speed car chase on January 12th, 2012. See the Media section for more details. We are very excited about this arrest and hope that it leads to many others.

Kevin Morrissey AKA Boimatt is most well known for the role he played on BoyMoment, where he operated as a moderator and had over 1,800 postings to his name. This isn't the only position that Morrissey has held on a pedophile activist message board though, he also manages a role as an administrator at the Church of Jesus Among the Teachers forums.

Morrissey's postings on these forums are unapologetic and supportive of pedophilia, as he describes children as "sexy" and "super hot," while posting comments, which rationalize adults engaging children in sexual activity. Morrissey appears to express support for child pornography, as well as some intimate knowledge of images featuring the children involved. It's concerning that Morrissey has made claims during his posts, to have been a foster parent to many children at some point.


Do they know they are sexy?

"You see boys all the time that are drop dead beautiful.. a lot of them will even walk or pose some way to accent their looks.. (Pull up their shirts, put their hands in their pockets, sit with thier legs up high or spread out). do you think they know they are sexy and do you think they are just flaunting with what they have, or are they 'trolling'?"

How old john and carlos be old now

"John and Carlos under trial for CP???

I heard the photog eventually faced charges, but how could John and Carlos??? Unless they got involved later in life producing or keeping images...

Anyone have any details

I have never found images with xif info on them, so I would have to guess they were all film.... the colorizaton seems to be film too..."

Child Erotica

"Child Erotica media exists. There was a time when you could buy it legally, now you cannot purhcase it legally anywhere.

I know there are strong opinions on this board both ways about CP. I am sure there are members who are avid collectors.

So does having CP, viewing, or enjoying it make you a bad person? How? Does it make the producer of it bad? How?

What about the boys? did it harm them? I know the law states that possession or viewing is illegal.. I am not talking about law.. I am talking about your personal feelings on the subject.


Our Investigation

We took the following steps to connect the "Boimatt" screen name, with the identity of Kevin Morrissey:

  • We noticed the "Boimatt" screen name posting on the BoyMoment and Boylove.net websites, using the email address "[email protected]"
  • This e-mail led to several public profiles showing his name as Kevin Morrissey.
  • Kevin Morrissey A.K.A. "Boimatt" also has another pedophile Erik Raxter AKA Thisoneguy on his public Facebook account.
  • Public records data matched the information Boimatt shared about his life and family on the pedophile forum boards.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Boimatt
  • Matt Allen
  • Matt_allen_isme
  • Biboimatt
  • Mark
  • Atomic door matt

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Possible Employers

Home Tech Wiring Inc
1170 SW Bay Street
Port Orchard
Washington 98366
United States

Additional Quotes

Age of Consent

"Again, i have said this before.. but. i find it hard to understand that we accept that two 14 year old boys can intelligently explore their sexuality, yet those same two 14 year olds cannot explore their sexuality with a loving caring adult. It makes no sense whatsoever that the same two boys cannot engage an adult in their decision, and even turn to them for activity. I recognize the pitfalls here, but, are not those pitfalls not there when two 14 year olds are contemplating the same activity? To put one final spin on it, the way the situation reads today is it is ok for two 14 year olds to make a decision such as this together, but unacceptable for that same 14 year old and an adult to make the same decision. Makes you wonder where this comes from, certainly not logic, nor psychology, nor medical science, nor the history of mankind. It is a construct of a few people who have successfully imposed their views on the rest of western society."

Shaved Teens


I have seen a shaved teen.. 14 yo.. and that in my humble opinion.. is super hot!!!!

The thought of thiner and my skin.... well.. enough said...

Of course if the boy wants it to be natural. then thats cool too,,,


thats my two cents..."

Getting drunk

"If i drink tequila.. i dunnot what happens.. I just start following cute boys around..

wait. where is that tequila ?"

Additional Information

  • Has also lived in the following areas:
    • Kansas City, Missouri, United States
    • Omaha, Nebraska, United States
    • Oakland, Iowa, United States
  • Claims to have been a foster parent to many children.
  • Has met up with other pedophile activists offline.


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual and his contact with children, contact [email protected].

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