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Created: December 29, 1995
Referred to as: BC, Boy Chat, BoyChat
Based out of: Varies, currently the site is hosted in the Netherlands
Founder: Kasper
Purpose: A message board where pedophiles who like young boys can talk to each other.
Website Address:
Current: http://boychat.org
Pedophile Websites: Free Spirits Coalition
Major, long-lasting pedophile message board, dedicated to, and operated by, pedophiles who like young boys.

BoyChat is the name of a message board and organization for pedophiles who are sexually attracted to little boys. They discuss everything from politics to clothing trends to specific boy actors.

The moderators there, called "Cogs", monitor the board closely to keep the content legal, so that they will not be taken offline, or investigated by police. The administration of the website maintains that the talk that happens there, and their activities are perfectly legal, and that they are just exercising their freedom to speak; however, there are several murders and many occasions of child sexual abuse related to the users of BoyChat.

Their logo includes the phrase, "You are not alone," which many people believe is the biggest problem with this message board. The posters there reassure each other that it is okay to be a pedophile, and that they should embrace their feelings. In other words, it's likely that their comradery emboldens them to act on their desires, rather than seek help for them. Indeed, any time treatment is brought up, the idea is heavily flamed, and, when asked if they would want to change, if they could, there is usually a resounding "No way!" from most of them.


BoyChat was founded by a pedophile who uses the name Kasper, on December 29, 1995. Since then, it's gone through many groups of administration.


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Convicted and Registered Sex Offenders on BoyChat

This is by no means a comprehensive list.



I would guess...

...that the preteen rectum is more easily penetrated than the preteen vagina. No personal experience here, but I have seen rather small children deposit some pretty impressive dumps into the toilet—some noticeably larger than my (I presume) fairly average erect penis. If these big dumps can come out without lube, then I guess something a little smaller, with the benefit of lube, could certainly go in a few inches without undo discomfort.

Would your average older preteen be interested in (receiving) gentle, shallow, anal intercourse? Probably not in our society, but that is a reflection more on our society's anti-sex stance that on anything inherently wrong with the act.


Fuck yeah i dream of penetration all the damn time! After all i want a boy to stick his hot sexy boy penis in me! I fucking masturbate to that damn fantasy, in both holes even!!


Let's not pretend. The site was all about nude pics of babies and toddlers. One can pretend otherwise but that's the unvarnished truth. Two year old dicks and assholes. That was the reality.


The fact of the matter is, we hold all the cards. We (speaking on the broad scale) have sex with their children. And when they arrest us and put us in jail, a zillion more of us are still having sex with their children. And when they get us in therapy and "cure" us and teach us how not to "offend," a zillion more of us still slip through the cracks and still have sex with their children.

And there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

For every pedophile they arrest and put in jail, ten more are fucking their children.

I love it when the bloggers say, "They want us to believe they're harmless, but look, so-and-so got arrested!" That just shows how clueless they are. We are not harmless. We never claim to be harmless. That's their own wishful thinking. The truth is, they will never be rid of us. Their children will never be "safe" (as they define "safe"). We are the most dangerous people in the world, and there isn't a damned thing they can do about it..

Some boys - especially adolescents enjoy the experience of being penetrated. The anus is a very versatile orifice, and the line between unbearable pain and pleasures unheard of can be one of simple patience and consideration of the other's wishes. Given that the partner is competent, most boys should be able to experience a painless or pleasurable penetration by an average sized man in one short session. I would have certainly enjoyed this experience at a far earlier age given a gentle partner.

I have occasionally thought about killing boys (and every other type of person), but I don't normally allow those ones free reign, and I don't entertain thoughts of gunning children for more than a few seconds. If I ever think about it, it's not for pleasure, but just to get inside the heads of other people who do such things, in order to try and understand them, and usually after reading the newspaper articles about murders in the Congo region. Personally, I find it a difficult mindset. I would have thought that the usual feelings that people generally have for children would kick in strongly, but I know circumstances in that region are not normal. I know that the people who do commit atrocities like that are virtually running on someone else's autopilot mode, and not thinking carefully and rationally for themselves.

I use the word 'boylove' cautiously and settle for just saying I like boys a helluvalot which includes a strong sexual component. For many people here that just makes me a small step above a psycho rapist.. a base animal of some sort. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Real boys are not sexless little angels, but certainly are very sexually attractive. For me it's just a fact of nature.. no religious basis, no moral basis, just is. We're all animals (albeit complex) responding to our natural instincts. My lust is part of my humanity too, so I make no apologies whatsoever for desiring to stick my dick into the bums of boys (and girls) of many ages.

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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