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BoyLove Media Watch
Referred to as: BoyLove Media Watch or BLMW
Purpose: To infiltrate news sites with pedospeak and propaganda.
Website Address:
Current: http://blmw.info
This is a campaign to spread pedophile propaganda to mainstream news sites, disguised as a "media watch" Website.

BoyLove Media Watch is a Website, which was started by Peter Christian and David Riegel in late 2006. They post news stories, then encourage other pedophiles to comment on them, in order to spread their propaganda about age of consent laws, "pedophile rights," etc. They call this activism "MediaBlytz."

Media BLytz is dedicated to conveying to the media and the reading public the message that a consensual sexually expressed relationship between a boy and an older male, or "responsible boylove", is a good and positive experience for the boy who freely chooses to investigate, explore, and enjoy his burgeoning sexuality in this manner. This concept, of course, is hotly contested by many people, but their arguments for the opposing "harm" theory are based largely on a lack of information, on misinformation, or even on nothing more than ignorance, hate, and religious superstition. However, a careful reading and examination of valid and unbiased studies based on empirical evidence finds no substantive support for harmfulness in consensual situations; in fact, these studies, which date back nearly a century, consistently find not only little harm, but many positive benefits.

Not only do they disrupt the comment section of the newspaper articles, but they also harrass editors, and their superiors when they don't get their way, insisting that, by letting other readers make negative comments about pedophiles, that they are prejudiced and guilty of hate crimes. [1]


Calls for Campaigns

This is a response to a thread about an ex-coach, who was in the news facing sex charges against children. The thread was locked due to the pedo-terrorism being inflicted upon their forum community.


'Folks, I'm locking this thread.'

Posted by BoyLOve Media Watch on 2007-May-25 13:09:54, Friday

See this post on BoyLove Media Watch. There is an email address where you can contact the guy who "locked" the thread, and another for his boss. The link to the main story is down a few lines.

Discussions extinct and extant

Posted by BoyLOve Media Watch on 2007-April-12 16:25:23, Thursday

In the BoyLove Media Watch listings, the "Coloradoan" (Ft. Collins, CO) has joined the ranks of "comment burners" in the Smith case, but - so far - the "Record" (Stockton, CA), which, BTW, is a revised source, has allowed discussion of the Cristophani case.

190+ comments about scout master teen sex

Posted by PeterChristian on 2007-May-16 22:45:55, Wednesday


Dave posted about this before. But this is BY FAR the most extensive run for the MediaBlytz project. Someone at that paper understands the importance of free speech and the press.

If just one BoyChatter per BLMW ....

Posted by PeterChristian on 2007-May-7 21:56:39, Monday

In reply to Re: Media website discussions posted by sigh on 2007-May-7 17:03:55, Monday

If just one BoyChatter per BLMW posting on BoyChat were to post a commentary in the area provided by media outlets, perhaps one more non-BL would learn one more bit of truth they would never have learned without said post. Often such posts by friends of boylovers are able to quash insane hysterical ravings of provocation minded village idiots who reside around a newly accused boylover.

All one need do to avoid attempting such a contribution to the cause of boylove and a wretched sole captured in the pogrom is ignore every one of the clearly labeled BoyLove Media Watch posts. Don't worry, I don't think adopting such an avoidance policy will result in anyone missing a boymoment, banal banter, important survey, or anything else worthwhile or worthless.

Using a BLMW post to attempt to help someone is a personal choice. Not all need apply.

Ongoing discussions

Posted by BoyLove Media Watch on 2007-April-28 12:14:19, Saturday

There are interesting discussions on two active media fora linked from BoyLove Media Watch, one on Harris, and the other (scroll down) on Tisdale.

News Articles Infiltrated


Veridicus wrote on Feb 5, 2007 9:05 AM:

" It is presumptuous and inflammatory for Liz to say that a "child" was "raped." She doesn't know the mind of this 15 year old boy, he may have been cooperative or even have sought out and initiated the activity. A willing person cannot be "raped." Laws prohibiting a 15 year old boy from deciding if he wants to have sex and who with are laws, yes. But they are absurd laws, and badly need to be changed. "

Referring to a 7-year-old boy who was sexually abused:


Toronto, Canada Two years.. gimme a break. This is obviously yet another case of consensual sex. All consensual sex is the same.

I have sex with boys aged 15 or younger sometimes. So what? All consensual sex is the same... all consensual sex must be legalized. Superstition be damned and scientific thought be praised.

Viamund 05.26.07 - 12:22 am


Xánthi, Greece

Wednesday May 30

OK - so the guy gave beer to underage kids - not bright, not legal, and sure as hell not at all uncommon. And he may have ( have to guess since no details are provided ) masturbated or fellated one or several boys - not legal in FL with 16 year olds, but legal in many other places, and sure as hell not at all uncommon..........

But I would bet the farm that none of these kids would have ratted on him if the police had not actively hounded and thraetened them. The story about pretending to be drunk sound like an attempt to protect the story teller from prosecution..........

Are there no REAL crimes for the police to investigate, that they have to create victims and crimes in order to satisfy the media? . How can we compare the accused to a "child molester" in light of varying definitions of a child and the close age of this "victim" to 18? This is manifestly unfair. In addition, from the news report it looks like the "victim" consented to being "raped" time and time again. The accused has 8 counts of sexual assault/abuse against him. This "boy" evidently was "assaulted" quite some time ago, and then over a period of time it looks like he went back and allowed himself to be "assaulted" again and again. As "brave" as the scout may be for speaking up, let's not forget that this is not a young boy, but is a young MAN bringing these charges. And while he may a statutory child under Illinois law, not everyone will agree that Mr. Bickerstaff deserves the punishment that will undoubtedly be meted out considering that in neighboring jurisdictions this would not even be a crime. Perhaps some of the outrage this community is spewing is actually homophobia masquerading as concern for the victim (who would not even legally be a "victim" in some neighboring states - he would just be a young gay man who got involved in a tsk-tsk sexual relationship with an older gay/bisexual man).

pedophileexpertMay 19, 2007 11:49 AM

Assault? Why do the laws and courts pervert the English language. Assault strongly implies a sudden act of violence. Yet it is used in case that develops over nine years? Hogwash.**************If one believes a boy is attacked violently for over nine years, one must then explain why a boy in this society does not have enough power to stop such an assault at the time that it occurs. If the boy could not trust his family, school officials, or police to stop a violent act immediately, then the entire community should be indicted for serious neglect.****************I also take issue with the use of the terms "ply the boy with gifts....in exchange for sexual acts". Providing sex in exchange for value is prostitution. Is that what we are to believe this man is now upset about?**************The normal outcome of relationships between men and boys that become consentual is not a lifetime of debilitation and emotional scars. So, we will all have to hear testimony as to what was the nature and degree of harm of any relationship before deciding proper response to this case. Twenty years is a very long time for completely unrelated factors to have caused this man to come forward now. It is also a very long time for a proper defense to be mounted. What were you doing 20 years ago, and how would you go about proving that you did not molest a child 20 years ago should some adult charge you today?

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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