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Created: June 28, 2007
Referred to as: BP, BoyPassion
Based out of: California
Founder: Mark Baker
Website Address:
Current: http://www.boypassion.net
Pedophile Websites: Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline
BoyPassion was another pedophile owned and operated site which served in the role of a sister site to Boylandonline and Kidzlandonline.

BoyPassion is yet another pedophile owned and operated web site, created by Mark Baker. Baker is also the owner of at least two other pedophile sites, Boylandonline and Kidzlandonline.

As the name indicates, users of the BoyPassion site are those pedophiles who are primarily attracted in a sexual manner to little boys, however children age 13 and older were allowed to join as well. Leadership on the site has changed hands many times in its short history, however no matter how much effort has been put into administering the site, it doesn't appear to have taken roots as easily as Baker's other sites. Most of the posts on the site are requests for members to step up and post more often, in order to keep the board active. In September 2007 several members of the site who live in the United Kingdom met each other in person, however even this effort hasn't been enough to create a more active board.

NOTE: BoyPassion is now apparently closed.

Staff/Key Members


Boypassion was set up by myself and Mark for new beginnings. This board wasn't set up to compete with any other board but to be a different place, where our members feel at home with other members. We wanted this place to be slightly different and unique from other boards on the net.

On Boypassion every member is as equal as the other and that includes staff also. We hope to continue on making this board a place where members feel they can log in and know they have close friends here.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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