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Created: January 1999
Referred to as: BT, BoyTales, BoyTalk
Based out of: Singapore/Malaysia
Founder: The Storyteller
Purpose: Support, storytelling, and general socialization for pedophiles who have a sexual attraction to young boys
Website Address:
Current: http://www.boytales.com
Pedophile Websites: BoyTalk
BoyTales is one of the first pedophile websites made available to boylovers on the internet. It was created to provide a place where pedophiles could share their experiences and stories with each other, and included a message board forum called BoyTalk.

BoyTales is one of the longest-standing websites available for pedophiles who have a sexual attraction to little boys. Although it is without a web host at the time of this writing, it will possibly return to the internet as it has many times in the past.

BoyTales is also the parent site for a well known pedophile forum called BoyTalk. BoyTales first came into the internet scene in early January 1999, created by a pedophile named The Storyteller. The site was meant to provide a place where pedophiles could write and share their stories about "boylove" with their peers. The site has been through several administrators, however The Storyteller has remained the sole owner since the site first opened. Most of the administrative changes have occured as a result of tensions on the BoyTalk message board. Because of this, and because of web hosting problems, there have been several periods of time when the site has been out of service. The entire BoyTales site is currently offline, but there is little doubt that it will return in the near future.

Update 02/2008 - BoyTales is back online and is currently being hosted on a server located in Malaysia, an ever growing haven for pedophile web sites and servers.


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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