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Created: January 1999
Referred to as: BT, Boy Talk
Based out of: Site currently has no host
Founder: The Storyteller
Purpose: Support, storytelling, and general socialization for pedophiles who have a sexual attraction to young boys
Website Address:
Current: http://www.boytales.com
Pedophile Websites: BoyTales
BoyTalk is one of the first pedophile message boards made available to boylovers on the internet. It has gone through several periods of down time, but always manages to come back online for the boy love pedophile community.
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BoyTalk forum page

BoyTalk is one of the oldest, long standing, forums available for pedophiles who have a sexual attraction to little boys. Although it is without a web host at the time of this writing, it will, no doubt, return to the internet as it has many times in the past.

BoyTalk is actually the forum side of another domain, BoyTales.com. BoyTales first came into the internet scene in early January 1999, created by a pedophile named The Storyteller. The site was meant to provide a place where pedophiles could write and share their stories about boylove with their peers. There were several administrators named to run the site, however tension developed along the way and The Storyteller shut down the BoyTalk forum in September 2000, vowing not to re-open it ever again. Because of this, one of the administrators, a pedophile who was known as Doc Raven decided to open his own forum, which would come to be known briefly as Boy-Talk. As seems to be commonplace in the online pedophile community, arguments ensued and tension became a major factor in the running of the forum, causing Doc Raven to drop the "Boy-Talk" name and to rename his own board "The Raven's Nest". The Storyteller would reopen BoyTalk in June 2001, appointing new administrators to run the forum. Since then, the site has experienced several shut downs due to hosting/server problems, as well as problems with administration, but it always manages to come back on the internet scene. Considered the grandfather of pedophile boards, many other boards have been created as a result of persons leaving BoyTalk for one reason or another.

Known Board Leadership

  • The Storyteller - Board Owner
  • Kyle Aarons
  • Morten
  • Owl, aka Doc Raven
  • Elijah Wood

More information to come regarding board leadership

More Information

If you have more information about this pedophile organization, it's membership, or of their contact with minor children, please contact [email protected].

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