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Created: 1998
Referred to as: Boylove.net, BoyLove Network, BLN
Based out of: Based in CO, Hosted out of Dallas, TX
Founder: Steven Jones
Website Address:
Current: Boylove.net
Organizations: BoyLove Network Radio, BLISS
Community for pedophiles who like young boys.

The BoyLove Network is an international boylove forum created by Steven Jones of BoyBliss. BLN, as it is also called, is a Roman-themed forum. All user titles and forums are based on the design. According to the board's developers, the Roman theme was chosen because the city was a well-known safe haven for boyloving pedophiles a place in which boylovers could live freely and openly and where sex with young boys was not only permitted but encouraged.

The BoyLove Network is designed largely to be a one-stop shop for boyloving pedophiles. Forums offer discussion on topics ranging from pedophile activism, to boylover support and guidance, to discussions music, theater and the arts, to popular culture, in addition to offering places for general discussion. Subforums are available for German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Russian speaking pedophiles. The site also hosts its own Java Chatroom and offers a service known as BLIM, The Boy Love Instant Message System, a program which allows users to connect to the Private BLIM server and talk to friends in a secured chat setting. BLIM allows users to connect to Yahoo!, AIM, MSN and ICQ all from a single program.

BoyLove Network Radio is now operational but lacking full programing to date. It was designed as a replacement for the defunct Sure Quality Radio. The site also gives its user their own homepages similar to the traditional MySpace pages. Users are able to post blogs and upload video content to their personal pages. BLN also has its own "Arcade" which users are encouraged to play themselves or to, "entertain their YF's with on a rainy day."



  • Steven aka Steven Jones, Director, Founder
  • Blake, Graphics Designer, Forum specialist
  • nz, Website Code Monkey
  • Pimme, International forums and staff.
  • Trilogy, Moderator, Administrator


Chat Room Staff:

  • Maka - Chat room Manager

Inactive Staff:


posted bycrake 06-07-2007, 04:21 PM The Scourge of Pedophilia:

The mafia relationships that are involved in "boylove" are so long established, so viciously enforced, and so intricate, that there isn't enough "good" in the world that could overpower them. They OWN everyone, the porn circles serve as inner hierarchies. That is why people like Rookiee are continually washed down the drain, and why boylove exists to this day as a RIGHTFULLY despised organization from the outside. Anyone who tampers or upsets the “delicate balance” being displayed here, gets the short end of the stick—those who persist get the club. It's the same pattern of corruption you see everywhere in the world. These chains we all have to share, because we're ALL playing a part in it, whether we want to or not, whether we realize it or not. Andindeed, even non-pedophilies are as well. Pedophiles exploit the kids, pedophiles get off on the exploitation of children, pedophiles make billions of dollars on the trade and production of this activity.

posted by: Steven

I suppose that if I had a young friend urinate during fellatio, I would probably try to drink it and reassure him afterward that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that it was natural.

The idea of having sex with a boy –to me at least- is about making the boy feel good. I have often wondered how much of the pleasure a Boylover derives from sex with a boy is based on the vicarious enjoyment of seeing the boy pleasured.

posted by: blake

Steven, I think the majority of the pleasure comes from seeing the boy in pleasure. Watching a boy Orgasam and feeling him as he approachs that stage, listening to his heart beat and his body shiver, is far greater then any orgasam you could ever have yourself.

Last Known Contact Information

Steven Jones
33 Butterfly Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788 US
Telephone: (631)543-7971

Steven M. Jones
2800 Odell Dr
Erie, CO 80516 US
Telephone: (720)254-8441

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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