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Boys Scout Camp
Created: Unknown
Referred to as: Boys Scout Camp, Boyclub, BSC
Based out of: Unknown
Founder: Boyclub AKA blumla, Mike Anderson
Purpose: To provide an online forum for pedophiles who seek support and fellowship from their peers, who share a common belief that they are being wrongfully persecuted by society
Website Address:
Current: http://boyclub.hyperboards.com/
Boys Scout Camp is one of many pedophile created and run websites intended to provide a gathering place for pedophiles who are sexually attracted to little boys.

Boys Scout Camp is not what one might think it is when first coming across the site. It is not a site intended for children who are members of the Boy Scouts Association -- it is a site created by and for pedophiles who are sexually attracted to little boys.

The name and appearance of the site can be very confusing, especially to any children who may be Cub or Boy Scouts who may be seeking scouting information online. For this reason, this site is particularly dangerous. While the site claims to deny membership to anyone under the age of 13, it is still a very dangerously woven web for those 13 and older who may innocently be pulled into the site, made more difficult by the welcoming nature of the pedophiles who are members there. Even more frightening is that many adult members of the site are, or have been, associated with scouting organizations in their own communities.

One of the sites more prominent members, Wolfman AKA Remsen Benedict, was recently convicted in California on charges of possession of child pornography. He was not only a bus driver, but was a Scout leader in his community.

Mission Statement

The mission of this board is to provide a safe and legal place for boylovers and other open-minded individuals to discuss and debate the topic of boylove. We're a community of boylovers dedicated to support of one another and promoting the positive aspects of boylove.

Contact Information

Owner: Boyclub AKA blumla, Mike Anderson
E-Mail: [email protected]


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Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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