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Created: Unknown
Referred to as: BRU, BoysRUs, BoysrUs
Based out of: Unknown
Founder: Alex "ilikeu"
Purpose: To provide an avenue for the promotion of pedophilic ideals as well as an online support system for pedophiles and their peers.
Website Address:
Previous: http://s3.freepowerboards.com/boysrus/index.php (now defunct)
The BoyrsrUs forum was a forum operated by pedophiles who are sexually attracted to young boys.

BoysrUs, which is no longer an active site, was an online community for pedophiles who are sexually attracted to young boys. Sadly, many of the adult pedophile members often invited their YFs to join the site as well, pulling them further into the victimization that they have already been subjected to.

Known also as "BRU", BoysrUs members used the forum to discuss a wide range of topics surrounding their love of boys, seldom holding back from graphically posting about their desires to molest and rape young children. Members also shared with each other ways to make boys "fall in love" with them, ways to find child pornography online, and topics which would lead one to believe that children seek out adults for sexual relationships instead of it being the other way around.

Fortunately, the company hosting the forums for this group was made aware of the group's activities and they promptly removed them from using their services. It is almost a certainty however, that these pedophiles have simply landed on another website so that they can continue to condone and promote their deviant lifestyles.


The following is a quote from the site owner, a poster known as "Alex", regarding his vision for the BoysrUs forums:

I would like a board that is ran by its members suggestions...and is as near as possiable to being free of arguements...just a place where everyone can sit back and have a good time....just be themselve's.....and to give a home to people who are new to boylove so that they may also learn to live with boylove being part of their life....every year several boylover's do not recieve the support they need and they end up in prison or dead....my goal is to put a stop to that and give all boylover's place to be themselve's and recieve support no matter their history.....cause what matters is the here and now and the future of what we do...our past is behind us and we cannot change that.....so why hold a grudge against someone for what they may have done in that past as it is to late to change that...this will be a place for a new start even for some members of other boards who have been shuned for their past mistake's.......I would like to thank all members of now and the future in advanced for being a part of this home for boylovers.

Web Site Link

Mission Statement

Mission statment of Boys R Us: Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of respect, support, and fellowship for boylovers of all walks of life. We are also seeking to show a postive image to the public about boylovers and their conduct.

Staff/Prominent Members

  • ilikeu (Alex) - owner
  • chuck-les - moderator
  • Misery - moderator
  • Special Ed Babyfucker - moderator
  • Misty - moderator
  • Ike14 - moderator
  • Justoldhappyme
  • supervinnetje
  • williews2
  • lil oz matt 12
  • whatevertrevor
  • Empathy

Notable Quotes

In my own experience I've found the opposite is far more common... boys seek out adult male companionship, they find chatrooms in order to form friendships with adult men, the attend forums in order to correspond with men. My boy groomed me I didn't groom him, well except when he asked me to comb his hair. The simple fact is that boys love men as much as we love them, and until society sees that not only will they think something is wrong with us, but also the boys.

Even though I don't currently have a YF I did have one for many years. I'd like to tell you how he made me fall in love with him. He was my sister-in-law's son from her first marriage. I had known him since he was just 1 year old, and watched him grow into a very cute 5 year old boy.

One day I was watching him for his parents, we were wrestling around on the Floor just having fun, when I laid on my back and let him "pin" me sitting on my chest. When suddenly he did something that shocked the heck out of me, he kissed me, no not the normal peck on the lips every nephew give his uncle as a goodbye etc. but a full on tounge kiss. This sweet 5 year old boy was trying to french kiss me. After the kiss He looked directly into my eyes and said "this is our secret, and you can't tell anyone" I know that's the line that the adult is "supposed" to say but the roles were reversed. Our active relationship lasted until he was 13. When I had to move away for work reasons.. but I still love him to this day. Always will

You may know my main little friend is a 4yo hot sweet intelligent boy who I am very much in love with, and h e with me. What is great is the parents love that, and they say it's ok to spoil him, as it's what they do, he being the only boy of 5 kids.

Did you know that a child, if allowed to, will be masturbating to orgasm at 7 months Shocked , and can have orgasms at day 1? Kinsey proved that with some of his experiments, though they were controversial.

Therefore, all children are sexual beings. It is a shame I didn't learn how to masturbate until age 12, after a wet dream...And it is sooo fun to be a boy and teach other boys to do it, and do it with him! After coming on boy boards, I have increased, and recently, hit 8 times one Saturday.

My new boyfriiend who is also young enough to be called a yf to me....he is 9 years old his name is skylar...dark brown hair kinda long thin body very very very cute....and i love him dearly

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this group of pedophiles or the individuals making up this group, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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