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Brandon Low
Age: 37
Birthdate: May 6, 1982
Race: Caucasian/Asian
Occupation: Software Engineer, Amazon.com
Location: Seattle, Washington
Physical Description:
Organizations: GirlChat, TkGL, GlWiki, Logical Reality
Brandon Low is a self-admitted pedophile and member of several pro-pedophile websites.

Brandon Low

Brandon Low AKA SanePenguin AKA lostlogicx AKA lostlogic AKA randomguy is a pedophile activist currently living in Washington. He claims to be "out" as a pedophile and states that none of his adult girlfriends or child friends has ever been disturbed by his admitted pedophilia. It is especially disturbing in that Brandon routinely chats with children on the internet. Brandon claims these children search for this stranger on the internet and come to him without any solicitation on his part. He also believes children should learn about sex from pedophiles so they can "practice".

He states that his age of attraction has no lower limit and there should be no age of consent laws. For infants or prepubescent children who can't verbally consent, parents should consent on their behalf according to him. He believes there is no age that a child wouldn't want to be sexually active with an adult. As an activist for pedophile rights, Brandon tells child victims of sexual abuse that everything they've been taught is wrong.

This pedophile claims that his psychologist mother is aware of his pedophilia and accepts it. Brandon says he does not seek treatment for his affliction but rather embraces pedophilia and defines himself as such. His failure to recognize the different stages of childhood development and the acceptance of his own perversions as normal by those in his life make Brandon truly a frightening pedophile.


Speaking of a 7-year-old child:

I do not think that vaginal intercourse with a child of that age need be ruled out summarily (except for the legal and societal reasons) from my research into the matter, girls of that age MAY be physically able to have intercourse with an adult male without physical harm or pain beyond that normally associated with first intercourse.

I am not a sick individual. I am a pedophile.

It is my sincerest belief that the age of consent laws in this country should be modified as follows: Any individual over the age of puberty may consent to any sexual act. Any individual under the age of puberty may engage willfully in any sexual act with parental consent.

It is also my belief that rape laws should be strengthened further to protect the young from being exploited by these more permissive consent laws.

Someone_has_to teach children about sex. Where do they learn if not from adults in one form or another? Is it better for them to learn in a loving environment, or in a sterile one?

Our Investigation

Our investigation is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • SanePenguin
  • lostlogic
  • randomguy
  • lostlogicx
  • firecatx

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Updated as of December 28, 2010

815 1st Ave, #337
Seattle, WA 98104-1404

2106 E Terrace St
Seattle, WA 98122-5932

Last Known Phone Number

Updated as of December 28, 2010

  • 206-856-0720

Additional Quotes

Why should collections of child porn be destroyed? I see no reason for this as long as the holder is careful and maintains extremely high standards of encryption, etc..

I'm a lot like you, Tim. I'm relatively obsessed with LG genitals... only for me, it extends to adullt female genitals (with less intensity).

And my attraction too started with playing games with my little sister when I was about 10.

I say this of course, because I am such an adult, and have many friends online who are teenagers. I have a strict policy with chatting online that I will not turn down a conversation unless I actually have something pressing to do at work or at home and can't talk at the time. As a result, I have many friends of all ages and genders online. Some of these friends are young girls, much like Ashley, and they do flirt with me, and sometimes I even flirt back, and given the right circumstances, and an extended online friendship, I would even meet with some of these online contacts. Is that a bad thing? Heck, there is even some chance of a romantic relationship developing over time! Am I therefore a predator who should be kept away from kids? Well, I guess maybe some definitions I am, because I can not say that I would absolutely deny a sexual relationship with someone under the legal age of consent. I wouldn't actively pursue such a relationship, nor would I encourage sexual activity if I were in a romantic relationship with a child or teen, but I can't say that I would say no for certain.

I choose to identify with this attraction, because it is who I am. If I am with people who don't know that I'm a pedo then they keep thinking that I am homosexual just because I'm not gawking at the large breasted women around us. I would rather be known negatively for what I truly am than positively for something I am not, so I am open about my attractions.

For instance, one of my YFs and I had a very close and loving relationship, some of which would probably have been worthy of a lifetime of incarceration for me in certain jurisdictions. This relationship was acceptable to me, because the risk of trauma to us was very limited thanks to an understanding parent who was aware of the relationship. On the other hand, I've had many friendships with LGs which were strictly plutonic, not necessarily because she or I didn't want it to be more than that, but because we knew that if her parents discovered the relationship_even as close friends_it would cause problems, and we didn't want to risk the trauma of them discovering us as more than_just_friends_. The point of this is the pronoun 'we', my YFs and I talk about things, and then_we_decide what is 'ok' for our relationship.

Now maybe this applies less to those on the board who's AOA is <6 or so, but for a lot of us, it is very important to remember that the most important thing is not our personal feelings about whether it is right or wrong to be an active or non-active GLer, it is_her_feelings about, and the specific circumstances of the relationship,. If the first YF and my relationship had taken place in another time or another place, it very likely would have been strictly plutonic, I am (and she is) glad that it could be more than that.

Good luck...I've been in a slightly similar situation with a friend's little sister, but I didn't start hitting on her till she was 13, and nobody really found out that I liked her till recently and she's 16 now...

An infant may not be able to debate topics such as this due to a lack of experience and knowledge, however once a child has learned the basic faculty of language, they CAN make decisions about what feels wrong and what feels right. For that matter a child's decisions about this will tend to be much more 'correct' when you get right down to it than an adults, because their decisions are not biased by years of being told what is right and wrong and told how to feel by society and the media. This is the point that I've been trying to make in my posts... that children KNOW what they want and KNOW what feels right.

To be perfectly honest, I agree that there is a risk involved in young kids talking one-on-one with adults online. That is one of the reasons that I have a very strict policy of not turning down a chat with anyone. I would rather have these kids talking to me, because as I have said, I would never under any circumstances harm them, than to someone who might harm them. Personally, I present myself online exactly as I am. Anyone who has read my posts here today and feels that that is not the case.

Would you rather your daughter learn about sex from her 14yo boyfriend who is so overloaded with hormones he can't thing straight, or from someone she loves, and who happens to be 5 or 10 years older than her, and has a bit better control of his hormones and is_capagle_of not taking advantage of her.

If what i am doing is "grabbing them" at their most vulnarable then that is exactly what therapists, social workers, teachers, parents, etc. are doing. I do not seek out kids online. I really never have. They seek me out, and as I've said repeatedly, I never turn down a chat. The kids who seek me out are those that need something, and I hope that whatever it is that they need I can provide without hurting them in any way.

Maybe this is just my experience, but most adults flirt jokingly with tweens, as far as I can tell. As for your lack of respect for children, that is a deplorable attitude. Children's cognitive abilities are just as good if not better than adults. They are learning by experimenting how to behave sexually. If they are talking to me, that means they are allowed to flirt, I will not hold them to anything, I will not assume that they mean something they do not when they flirt, and I might return similar comments to them for the sake of the conversation.

Yes, everyone knows that 7,10,14yos view the world differently again, this is not because they have different levels of intelligence, it is because they know different things. They are at different points in developing their coherent world view.

I'm familiar with Freud's work, perhaps there is one credential that I _can_bring to this: my mother (I only bring her up, because you did) is a licensed clinical psychologist with a background in education and family studies. I hope that you are aware that in the modern field of psychology, much of Freud's work is considered to be significantly off the mark.

I have tried to make it clear that any relationship which I do have with a child is not manipulative. The relationships which most adults have with children are far far more manipulative than any that I have ever had. "If you clean your room, you can X" that's manipulation, that's something parents do all the time. I never put that kind of condition on my young friends. Partly because I am not their parent and therefore do not have any particular need for them to do things the way I want rather than any other way, but more importantly because I respect kids.

I definitely know how you feel...and when I was going through something similar (I was closer to 14) I did some things I regret now with my actual little sister at the time. All I can say is it's not worth it. They like you, you like them, be their friends

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