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Cale Tucker
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, Boylover.net, BoyWiki, Freedom Board, Free Spirits Coalition
Cale Tucker is a pedophile and activist who contends that sexual relationships with children are not necessary harmful, but rather the power an adult holds over a child is more damaging if misused.

Cale Tucker is a pedophile attracted to little boys, who is also a member of several pedophile based forums on the internet. In addition to his membership with the Free Spirits Coalition, he has served in an administrative capacity on the Freedom Board. He is also a member of BoyChat, Boylover.net, and is a fairly regular poster on the Debate Unlimited forums. In addition, Cale Tucker is an editor of the BoyWiki, also sponsored by the Free Spirits Coalition.

Little is known about Cale Tucker, as he has stated that due to the wishes of his family and friends, he has agreed to not be so open about his personal life. Most of his online postings have been in regard to the defense of pedophilia as a sexual orientation. He states that he does not believe that age of consent laws should be changed, but that children under the age of consent should have the right to halt an investigation. Cale states that he is in agreement that some adult/child relationships are harmful, but he also makes it clear that he believes this has more to do with the power that an adult holds over a child rather than sexual contact itself. He loves to quote studies which tend to be one-sided in nature, as well as making quick references to the ancient Greeks, as if it should be considered in determining whether or not pedophilia should be accepted in our society today.

Cale has commented on having a YF and has asked other posters about their "best way" or "common way" of meeting boys. He states he has met hundreds of other boylover pedophiles and often posts about their stories on the Debate Unlimited forums. He continually stresses that former boy "victims" have repeatedly informed him that they are happy, well adjusted, adults but that they choose not to discuss their past "victimization" because of the implications it would have upon their families.


Picture someone sits down next to a child with the blessing of his parent and offers to scratch his back. The child is indifferent to the activity itself, he isn't preoccupied with having his back scratched, but knows that he enjoys the physical pleasure and the emotional comfort so he nods and smiles. The adult in question enjoys providing a pleasurable and comforting experience to the boy. The boy gets goosebumps and shivers with pleasure. So you picture an uncle doing this and you smile "aww, isn't that sweet".

Substitute "scratch his back" with "stroke his penis". The rest of the text is totally applicable. Right now, half of my readers are recoiling in revulsion. Why? Like I said in another thread, this is the social taboo on sexuality speaking, not any inherent harmfulness or coercion to the activity. Now, this activity CAN result from coercion, or even violence, but it is not an inherent part of it and this should be painfully obvious.

Most man-boy relationships take on the role of mentor and gradually transition into that of "close friend" as the boy ages. I would say that approximately half of the men I've met have retained their now-grown boys as close friends. I know of many (at least 15 or 20) such relationships where they were very clear that they were once sexually active, but in almost all of those relationships, the (now grown) boy said that though he was satisfied with the physical aspect of the relationship, it gradually drew to a close as he approached middle adolescence and came to a strictly platonic "close friend" relationship fairly naturally.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed the screen name Cale Tucker when we began our investigation of the Free Spirits Coalition, noting that he was listed as being involved with the Freedom Board run by the organization
  • Searches using the screen name and related keywords led to the Debate Unlimited forum, in which Cale Tucker has been an active participant in discussions regarding pedophilia
  • All information we have gathered has come from the forums on which Cale Tucker is a member. Our investigation is ongoing at this time.

Online Accounts

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  • Cale Tucker

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Last Known Address

The location of this individual is unknown at this time. If you have information regarding his location or telephone number, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

In reply to the question "What are YOU using to desperately fill in the voids of your life?":

let me answer with several choices you didn't include.

1) spend time with my YF

of course, when that's not available....

2) exercise (soccer, hockey, cycling)

3) hobbies (one video game dominates this, but other things sometimes too)

Now why must we assume that an escape has to be a destructive behavior?

That's self-defeating and most definately not productive.

I don't advocate for the removal of age of consent laws. In fact, I think 13 (as in Spain, Japan, Mexico) or 14 (Canada, Austria, Germany, Hugary, Italy, 2 US states and others) are fairly reasonable ages. However, below that age, I favor allowing the "victim" to stop any investigation (with parental approval), provided that investigation isn't against his/her own parents.

Without dismissing those who suffered emotional trauma at the hands of a selfish and/or violent act, I contend it is ethically wrong to dismiss those who had the opposite experience. More time and effort should be spent on determining the dividing line between these two experiences because clearly they both exist and are both prevalent enough to merit study. However, the mere discussion of this line of study causes political brimstone, the likes of which is rarely seen and should probably remain behind the pulpit instead of on public airwaves.

Additional Information

  • Has mentioned his love of soccer in the forums and states that he decided at the age of 13 not to pursue a pro career in soccer
  • May work in the computer tech field

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If you have more information regarding this person, please contact [email protected].

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