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John White
Age: Believed to be late 30s/early 40s
Race: Caucasion
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Canada
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, Montreal Ganymede Collectif, Epifora
Camper AKA John White is believed to be the owner of Epifora, a Web hosting service for many pedophile organizations. Although not confirmed, it is believed that he may actually be John Melanson, a man wanted by the Canadian authorities for sex crimes against children.

Camper AKA John White sig pic

Camper AKA John White is a known pedophile and the person who claims to be the owner of Epifora, which is an Internet service provider that hosts pedophile Websites, forums and e-mail accounts. He is also one of the founders of the Montreal Ganymede Collective, a group of pedophiles who met in person in Montreal, Canada to talk about little boys and computer security. In addition, he has been Webmaster for Boychat and has filled other staff positions there, as well. He has also admitted that he was previously jailed "for loving boys."

In 2006, another anti-pedophile organization was successful in having Epifora dropped as a customer of Verizon, due to the nature of their services. When this happened, Camper outed himself as "John White," and vowed to fight the decision Verizon made. The pedophile community online raised thousands of dollars for a lawsuit, which never materialized.

Camper states that he is primarily attracted to little boys, and that his AoA can be of children who are as young as 5 years old.


I'm still a pedophile. When those little guys grow from baby to boy all of a sudden they go from merely cute to very very interesting. I can't explain it, it just happens, has been the same way all my life. I have tried on the idea of teens or men, or women, but it's all been just pretend. You know what gets you hot.

Yes, I was jailed for about a year for sexual contact I had with two boys. All this happened more than 10 years ago, and it was the first and only real sexual contact I've had with boys in my life. I am not a registered sex offender, I have no obligation to register. I went through a treatment program that was pretty unsophisticated, and so poorly administered that my program had only really started before they had to let me out.

Our Investigation

The investigation into Camper AKA John White is still ongoing; however, the steps we have taken thus far are outlined below:

  • We came across online documentation on the history of BoyChat, which noted earlier hosting on the personal account of one pedophile using the screen name "Camper". Further into the documentation, he was referred to as "John". The history of BoyChat also noted that Camper had participated in a series of meetings with other pedophiles in person, as a group which labeled themselves the Montreal Ganymede Collectif.
  • In several posts on BoyChat, Camper referred to himself as "John", and described himself as the owner of the company that hosts BoyChat and several other sites with the pedophile theme. A search of the web host revealed that the service provider is a company called Epifora. In another postm we found a site member questioning the safety and security of Epifora, in which Camper responded by answering the users questions.
  • Another anti-pedophile organization launched a campaign to have Verizon, the service provider for Epifora, shut the Web host down. When Verizon complied with the request, Camper outed himself as "John White". Speculation exists however, that John White is actually John Melanson, a pedophile who is wanted by Canadian authorities. Our investigation is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Camper

Known E-mail Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes

I believe this will be an open fight, and I am not afraid of the truth coming out. I'm looking forward to it, in fact. Because the truth is that we are a civilized and reasonable people and that the world will be worse off without us.

Who would choose this? I get hot for 5 year olds! That's insane, as a choice. And none of the Doc's I've seen has thought I was insane.

And there's no way to un-choose it. Ask the guys here on this board, you'll see there is consensus. We did not choose the way we feel.

As strongly as that sentiment comes out, you will see another too. We DO choose the way we act.

The therapy didn't work, but I don't have sex with children these days. I'm still working out all the reasons... 'though mostly they have to do with the fact that any sexual relationship with a child in modern social contexts risks that child's welfare.

Additional Information

There is much speculation that Camper is also known as John Melanson.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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