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Matthew King
Age: 37 (approx)
Birthdate: November, 1982
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Computer Tech
Location: West Moseley, London, UK
Physical Description:
Organizations: tkGL, VoA
Matthew King is a "girl lover" pedophile who is known to have been a member of the defunct tkGL site and has run several pedophile chat channels in IRC.

Ch0Hag AKA Matthew King is a pedophile from the UK who is a member of VoA and the now defunct pedo site, tkGL. He is also known to run several pedo based IRC channels on the Rizon IRC Network.

King is attracted to young girls, however his exact AoA is not known. He states that he sees no problem with adult/child sexual relationships as long as the child "wants it too." In a discussion on child pornography, King stated that he believes that porn should be legal, as it doesn't harm anyone but the person viewing the images, and that is their personal choice.

King, who has worked various jobs as a computer technician/developer, may be married, as he stated in February 2008 that he was engaged to a Ukranian girl. His online resume states that he enjoys reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, as well as cooking, travel and "working (or preferably playing) with children".


To me, thinking about sex with little girls other than the one I want to be my girlfriend is somehow disrespectful or (for want of a better word) adulterous.

On the other hand, I feel (slightly?) ashamed when I fantasize about her because she herself is much more important to me than the one small part of her that is to do with sex.

Unfortunately it's much much easier to fantasize about sex with her than it is to fantasize watching TV or playing games. Both of which I would prefer as a way to spend time together.

In principle I can see no problem with sex between a young girl and an old/older man. Assuming, of course, that she wants it too and the physical difference in size is not too great (even if it were, it is still up to the two parties involved and no-one else, though the older man should take a good look at his conscience). The problem only really comes when the man uses his experience and the girls naivety to, essentially, abuse her.

Of course there is the stigma. The poor girl, if she has sex with her older boyfriend, has a good chance of being stigmatised by those around her (especially, as we all know, those who are "trying to help"). Generally the man knows this and will avoid sexual relations because of it. Often to the detriment of both and possibly an early breakup of a potentially wonderful and maybe even life-long relationship.

Anyway I think that all makes sense.

Our Investigation

  • Ch0Hag, who was a member of the now defunct tkGL pedophile site, provided a link to his own web page through his profile on tkGL.
  • On his site, he provided his e-mail address [email protected] along with a telephone number.
  • A search on web.archive.org of his site indicated that he had a folder filled with many "child modeling" pictures, some of which were titled "Lolita Dreamer," "Proud GL," and "pussy."
  • A search of him by name resulted in a profile for his company, Monnsta, which listed his real name, address and a telephone number which matched that shown in the domain registration.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Ch0Hag

Known E-Mail Addresses

Known Websites

Last Known Address

Current Address Shown in Domain Registration

9 Ashcroft Road
Hook, Surrey KT9 1RR

Previous Address Shown in Domain Registration

6 Grange Close
West Molesey, London, UK

Last Known Phone Number


Additional Quotes

Pornography should not be illegal. A picture cannot hurt anyone but the person looking at it, which is his own choice.

To put it simply: Little girls are pretty and I want to be able to look at them!

Additional Information

  • States that he speaks both English and German

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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