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Age: 38
Birthdate: September 8, 1981
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Incarcerated
Location: FCI Butner Low, NC
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, GirlChat
Chad Frank AKA P=[chad] is a pedophile who is currently incarcerated for using his girlfriend’s five-year-old relative to make child pornography.

P=[chad] AKA Chad Anthony Frank is a former member of both GirlChat and BoyChat, and a current inmate of the federal prison system.

Frank's involvement with online pedophile groups dates back from 1997 (or earlier) with Boychat and from the year 2000 with GirlChat. He originally wrote about his attraction to young boys, with later posts stating that he was also attracted to little girls. He stated his AoA was age 5 to 9 and called himself an "equal oprtunist" [sic], meaning that he would be willing to molest any child, regardless of gender.

Frank's various postings detailed his real-life involvements with several different children, both boys and at least one girl. He also appears to have befriended at least one single mother and her family in order to gain access to her sons.

In 2002, Frank started a new business venture of manufacturing child pornography, using his girlfriend’s five-year old relative. He discussed his plans with Australian pedophile Wayne Verdun George, in communications which fell under investigation by federal authorities and led to the arrest of both men. Details from the court case indicate that Frank’s Internet postings included discussing ways to drug and rape children, and that he had attempted to organize gatherings of Boychat members.

Also arrested was Frank’s girlfriend, Michelle Foisy, who willingly assisted Frank because she "didn't want to be alone". Her other excuses included that she "wanted friends" and "wanted to be loved" (as if she could actually accomplish these goals by helping sexually abuse a young child).

However, after their arrest, Foisy apparently forgot all her emotional needs and decided that she wanted to get herself out of trouble, so she assisted authorities in their case against Frank. According to news coverage, Foisy admitted that she had watched Frank molest young boys for whom he was caring, and that she had photographed a sleeping, naked boy at Frank’s request.

Charged with multiple counts of conspiracy, production and distribution of child pornography, p=[chad] was subsequently convicted and is now serving a 35-year sentence in federal prison. Foisy received a lighter sentence in exchange for her cooperation and is now on probation. At his sentencing, Wayne George was given credit for 512 days already served and released on probation as well.

In 2006, he appealed the sentence, but was denied.


"I've recently developed an attraction to little girls. The reason it's such a shock to me, is because i'm a well known BL...I got a YF named C, whose 10. He's a boy, and I love him to death. Recently though, i've gotten to know his 7 yr old sis A quite well, and now am attracted to her."

"I still cna't claim to have too much in comon with little girls. I was never one myself, so I can't share too many experiences with her. SI toi me it's more of a sexual based relationship than with C> Atleast with him, I can relate.

That innocence is what turns me on about little girls! I tell ya, they're so innocent that they can't help but being hot.

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