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Christopher Rainer AKA Chris Hardy
Age: 61
Birthdate: January 30, 1958
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Formerly CO, OH, and NC. Now living in Lviv, UK.
Physical Description:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Gray
Organizations: http://www.mouseboys.net (now defunct)
Chris Rainer is a convicted sex offender, who also uses the alias "Christopher Hardy". He ran a Website, which hosted hundreds of images of half nude boys, pretending to be a teen himself.

Chris Rainer AKA mouseboy AKA Christopher Hardy is a convicted sex offender who ran a pedophile Website under the guise of being a teen-aged boy himself. He was charged on 4/17/1997 with sexual battery. His victim was a 14-year-old female whom he previously knew. He was sentenced to serve 3 years in prison.

Rainer has posed online as a young boy that has been sexually abused. His website was filled with pictures of underage boys in various states of undress. It is believed that he was probably trying to do this to garner sympathy from teens to help enable him to manipulate them.


Below are some quotes from Chris Rainer pretending to be a young boy:

I am a 15 year old Sophomore here in the USA. I am small for my age and have always been called Mouse by friends and family. I am creative, fun and want to help change the world to make it a more tollerant place to live. My first step is my web site.

Michael's overnight here at the Mouse Hole was very nice. He is funny. I think we have a lot of the same tastes. I didn't push anything as that is not the way I am. I plain just enjoyed his company. Dave is of course burning with questions and when I wouldn't tell him much, I caught him actually logging on to this site earlier today. He is soo funny. He started arguing about when we met the three girls while bike riding, saying they were talking about him being cute and not me. Wants me to print a retraction. I said don't worry that entry drops off today. He has nothing to worry about, no body could take his place. There is only one Dave. Michael is going to spend the night again in a few days with Dave here too. Should be a blast. Dave will love him because he gives great massages.

Our Investigation

  • We came across a pedophile Website called Mouseboys.net and the owner who used the screen name "mouseboy."
  • Internet searches for this screen name lead us to newsgroup postings in which he had already been exposed as an adult male, rather than the teenage boy that he purported to be on his website. This information also revealed that he was a convicted sex offender named Christopher Rainer. We also found a matching email address, which led to a MySpace profile page.
  • A check of sex offender registry information confirmed the information found in the newsgroup postings regarding Chris Rainer, who was listed as the registrant of the domain, mouseboys.net. This confirmed that mouseboy was indeed Chris Rainer and an adult owner of the site.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • mouseboy

Known Websites

Last Known Address

Last Known Address

(Per North Carolina SOR)

Previous Addresses

1025 Heatherstone Court
Winston Salem, NC 27104

132 Parkwood Drive
Berea, OH 44017
Cuyahoga County

Last Known Phone Number

  • (440) 239-9928
  • (218) 554-7171

Additional Quotes

I felt like I was back in Cabin 7 only with another group of boys. This one red-haired boy, Michael, is really cute and nice. His brother is same age as me and Mike is two years younger. He was really getting into it like a professional masseuse. Eventually everyone left except Dave, Michael and I. Dave fell a sleep and we kept trading off. We were both in shorts so it felt soo good to have my legs rubbed by someone. Dave usually fell a sleep when we would trade. I asked if he wanted to stay over in the Mouse Hole some night and he said sure. Seemed really interested but didn't want his older brother Jay to know about it or he would ask to come too. He asked me if Dave would be there and I said probably and he looked disappointed. So I said, well sometimes he stays at his Dad's when in town and promised I would ask him too. So tonight Michael will be staying over. Kind of excited about it. He definitely seemed overly affectionate. I really like his legs a lot. Should make for an interesting overnight.

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