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Church of Jesus Among the Teachers
Referred to as: cjat
Based out of: Netherlands
Founder: Christiaan X
Purpose: Just another pedophile forum
Website Address:
Individuals: Boimatt, Lyrical Cancer, Christiaan X, Kristofer

Church of Jesus Among the Teachers AKA cjat is a pedophile website which enables pedophiles and sex offenders to meet in a public forum to talk about having sex with children. It tries to couch its deviance in scripture and prayer, but a closer look reveals that it is no different from BoyChat, BoyMoment, or any other pro-pedophile website. Their main goal is to be activists against anti-pedophile laws and speech, and to share pictures, videos and stories of little boys and young teen boys.

The members there claim to "love boys," but in their devotional and prayer posts, there are never any prayers for boys who have been sexually abused. Only prayers for pedophiles who are in prison, or for dead children.

Like WM and many other pedophiles, most of the members there use a good amount of their time bashing child sexual abuse victims. They also compare people who track and help law enforcement with arrests of child molesters to terrorists.

The name of their website is based on the story of Jesus going to the temple when he was a boy, and was found there amongst religious teachers. These pedophiles compare themselves to the teachers of this temple, and have even written "bible-fic" in which Jesus, as a boy, comes amongst a group of pedophiles, and even declares himself to be a pedophile.

The pedophiles there post a weekly "devotional," which covers topics such as why child porn should be legal, why child sexual abuse survivors should suffer even more, prayers for child molesters who are in jail, and which compare themselves to the Jews and gays, to name a few.

Some of their forums are viewable to the general public, but much of it is hidden, even to the registered members of the website, including a portion of the site which is a gallery of pictures of young boys.

Mission Statement

Welcome, and thanks for looking in on us. If you're new, congratulations on your bravery.

We are a friendly, relatively small group of people from around the world who mostly share Christian faith and mostly share a sexual orientation that includes attraction to males from age groups under 18. (This does not mean that we attempt to act on these attractions, but we do recognize that we experience them and must deal with them.) For some of us, this is part of a wider spectrum of sexual attractions, and we may be in heterosexual or homosexual relationships with adults. Our own ages range from teen to senior.

Christian churches are always in principle open to everyone, and so is ours. We explain our focus by saying we have a special mission to the community of boylovers and their friends, partners, and supporters.

Our church is ecumenical and we don’t care which branch of Christianity you belong to. Non-religious friends and friends from other religions are also encouraged to participate. Many of us like the idea that Jesus can be visualized not just as a man or as an infant, but also as a boy. This is not a novel idea, but one with a long and diverse Christian history, for example in Catholic devotions to the Boy Jesus of Prague. Opinions differ about this idea, though, and that’s OK. We have no fixed denominational doctrines that members are asked subscribe to. (We do, however, oppose all forms of sexual exploitation that would legitimately be considered abuse.)

We understand that it may seem scary to browse to a church website associated with minor-attraction or pedophilia. It is actually very safe. (I am using 'pedophilia' here to mean the sexual orientation, not the act of sex with children.)

If you live in a democratic country, you will not get into any trouble for browsing to this site.

This is a church and all its activities are very much legal and above-board. Police forces are not interested in this site, since no criminal law of any democratic country is in danger of being broken here. The merits of laws may be discussed as free speech allows, as may normal political remedies for legal and judicial inadequacies. However, illegal postings, enticements and incitations are strictly excluded.

While we acknowledge and celebrate our sometimes inconvenient, but usually love-inspiring sexuality, we do not deal in erotic materials, especially not illegal porn. To be blunt, there is no porn here – none openly displayed, none hidden and none traded in private by staff or, as far as we know, regular members. I stress that because the world's biggest boylove website (non-religious), boylover.net, was just busted up last year due to secret porn trading by administrators, contrary to the stated policy of the board.

If you register as a member of this Church (which you are welcome to do even if you’re not sure it’s a place for you), we will advise you on simple ways to protect your privacy, so that no one can connect your membership in a boylove-associated church to your everyday identity.

The computer server that hosts this site is boylover-owned and operated and is governed by the laws of The Netherlands. It benefits from the general climate of fairness and open-mindedness that tends to prevail in that country. No illegal activity, as recognized by Dutch law, is conducted on any of the other websites hosted by the server. This setup gives your privacy a very high level of security.

Our board structure is that the areas that are usually public in a church are public here. The nave, where worship takes place, is public, as are our bulletin boards and places for open prayer and discussion. In the members-only part of the church is a “coffee hall” where more personal discussions and prayers can be placed, as well as humor and interesting tidbits of cultural information. Also, this is where we can discuss the form and aims of the church itself.

We very much enjoy - and occasionally are challenged by - the enthusiastic, diverse, and good-hearted people who make up our fellowship.

(For the slightly tech-minded: if you are not afraid of installing simple softwares and want to ensure your browsing here and elsewhere is untraceable, install Mozilla Firefox as a browser and then go to www.torproject.org/ and install the current Vidalia Browser Bundle. Test to see if it is working at www.whatismyipaddress.com . If it is successfully installed, your I.P. address - the information-routing address of your computer connection - should appear to be in a different geographic area from where you are. Turn Tor off and on, rechecking the IP in both settings, to see the difference. Finally, read the precautions on the bottom of the page at www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en )

We ask that you do not use Tor or another proxy server when you register, since malicious hackers may try to gain entry to all types of online sites in this manner. If you feel you must do this, then contact our administration and be ready to supply other evidence that you are already a trusted member of the online boylover community or that you are a person of good intentions.

The contact email currently is [email protected] (Don’t try to retype that; it’s easy to misspell.) It is not checked every day, so add a guest post here in this thread if you want to ensure fast turnaround on communications. Just click on the “Add Reply” box at the lower right of the bottom-most panel of the thread.


Notable Members


I can't help but feel that this fanatical hatred is happening because people are losing an argument. They know paedophiles cannot be cured. They know that nobody chooses to be paedophilic so capital punishment is inappropriate. They know it is not going to go away. They know they are going to have to learn to live with it and are making a lot of fuss while they come to terms with this. I expect that we are in for a lot of nastiness yet, but I think it is an intermediate step to acceptance.

If you think about it, the problem lies in society's emotional inhibitions.

In a sane society, if you give in to temptation, and the feeling is mutual, and there is no coercion, then it's no big deal. It is only an expression of Love when words are not enough. It can be, and usually is, a beautiful experience.

This, by the way, is why, in certain (e.g. Mediterranean) societies, BL is never equated with GL. The motivation may be similar, but the execution and particularly the consequences can be very different. BL does not necessarily involve penetration; GL usually does. BL cannot lead to pregnancy; GL certainly can.

About child sexual abuse in the Catholic church:

When the outside world in the late 1980's began encouraging complaints about childhood sexual interference, this system was shattered and the frequency of priestly abuse dropped off drastically. All that was left was for the hundreds of complainants to be sufficiently encouraged to come forth, culminating in the masses of grey-haired abused children who are propelling the scandal today.

I know it doesn't work that way, but I wish that everyone who had been abused in the past could just say so now and get this endless agonizing over with. It's been going on relentlessly since all the daddy incest revelations of the mid-80s and it absolutely prevents conscientious and non-abusing boylovers from escaping this everlasting psychological Pearl Harbor that they were not responsible for.

How about the nations of the world each organizing a national "I was sexually abused as a child" day and letting everyone get it off their chest in one go, through various discreet and sensitive mechanisms equivalent to secret ballot. Then all the cases could be dealt with and the world could move on to more illuminating topics.

I might be willing to risk drowning if it meant mouth to mouth with these hotties :D :lol: <_< :mellow: :blink: ;) :unsure: :rolleyes:

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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