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Crossroads Debate
Created: January, 2000
Referred to as: Crossroads, Crossroads Debate, CR
Based out of: Netherlands
Founder: Heather Elizabeth Peterson
Purpose: Debate about pedophilia
Website Address:
Current: http://crossroadsdebate.org/ (defunct)
Pedophile Websites: CBLF, Open Hands
A place for debate about pedophilia.


Their forum closed down in October of 2007, reportedly due to lack of interest. Interestingly, this happened shortly after the death of an anti-pedophile who frequented the forum that they all "debated" with.

Crossroads Debate Forum is described as a place where pedophiles and non-pedophiles can go to debate the issue of pedophilia, pedophile rights, etc. However, the board is run by pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers. In other words, it's just another place to distribute pedophile propaganda.

Take a look at their meta tags (see Pedospeak for some pedophile terms and definitions): argument, controversy, conversation, dialog, dialogue, debate, discussion, dispute, disputation, child, child abuse, child abuser, child molestation, child molester, child sexual abuse, child sexual abuser, child sexuality, boylove, boy-love, boy love, boylover, boy-lover, boy lover, childlove, child-love, child love, childlove, child-lover, child lover, pedophile, pedophilia, paedophile, paedophilia, pederast, pederasty, Knabenliebe, pédophilie, pédérastie, intergenerational, crossgenerational, man/boy, and man-boy.

It's obvious that they would like to draw in some sexual abuse victims to indoctrinate, but fortunately, the banter that goes on there would drive any sensible person to a more supportive and mature forum for discussion.

Mission Statement

The Task and Purpose of this web forum is to provide a safe, decent, and intellectually inspiring debate forum for those who wish to the discuss and express their, thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the issues of child love, pedophilia, childhood sexuality and child abuse. Without fear of reprisal from the rest of the world or the Internet as a whole.

To this end, the webmaster, moderators, and even the posters themselves should dedicate themselves to the mission statement and to following the posting guidelines of Crossroads Debate Forum. May this place live long and proper.


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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