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Howard Hoyt Raymond
Age: 65
Birthdate: June 15, 1954
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Farmer, Tractor parts sales
Location: Wellfleet, Nebraska
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, FSC, BLISS, CBLF
Curtis AKA Howard Raymond was the webmaster for BoyChat and is an active pedophile activist and a tractor parts salesman in Nebraska.

Update: Thanks to information from a friendly reporter, we are happy to announce that the State of Nebraska requires all sex offenders to register, and that Howard Raymond now has his very own page on the registry.

Curtis AKA Howard Hoyt Raymond AKA "Curtis at the Piano" AKA Curter lives two lives: one as a "boylover," the other as a countrified tractor lover. He posts prolifically at both BoyChat (where he started posting in October, 1999) and his tractor message board (http://nebraskacowman.com/). He is a former poster at BLISS, another pedophile website for "boy lovers." Raymond is also a sex offender, but was not the level which is required to register on the public registry for many years. Howard is originally from Pennsylvania, relocating to Nebraska in 1979.

We have also discovered that he posted as "Curter" on the Christian Boylove Forum, talking about his tractors and many encounters with many young boys. But at that time, in 2002, he repeatedly said that he wouldn't have sex with boys, while also saying, on July 8, 2002,

Why DID yuo have sex with that young man? Is that what you realy wanted or were you just lonesome for a touch? Understand I am not asking this as being judgemental as I have failed the test too, many times.

Myself, I have a hard time separating deep love for a boy from consentual sexual contact.

His conviction for 3RD DEGREE SEXUAL ASSAULT M1 Statute Number(s): 28-320(3) occurred on May of 2003.

The people in his community have no idea that this man is a pedophile. In fact, in his yahoo profile and on his Nebraska Cowman Website, there are plenty of pictures of little boys who are exposed to him, and he was featured in an article about Plow Day in the North Platte Telegraph on 04/06/2008, which said:

The event draws collectors and fans of antique farm machinery every year, according to Howard Raymond of the Tractor & Machinery Collectors of Southwest Nebraska.

“It’s a day to get together and visit with friends and play with the tractors a little bit,” Raymond said.

“If a fellow collects tractors, but doesn’t have any ground to plow, this is a chance to get ‘em out and do what they were designed to do,” Raymond said.

“For us old guys, it’s about memories of our childhoods. I’m not sure what the youngsters get out of it,” Raymond said. One of the youngest there, Noah (last name removed), 4, was having a good time climbing over machinery and snapping photographs of pickup trucks.

There are also drawn pictures on his old Website which seem to have been drawn by a child.


Of all the lust triggers out there, I gotta say that a few wisps of pubic hair on an otherwise completely smooth boy is probably number one. It sends my peter meter rocketing off the scales.

We want to have sex with boys.

That’s what they accuse us of. And they’re right. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. I have read many posts that claim boylove is about so much more than sexual attraction. That any decent boylover will put the interests of boys first. That people who hurt boys for sexual pleasure have no part in our community. And I agree with them. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Boys turn us on. Our enemies may not get hard and wet over the boys who arouse us (although I believe many of them do -- thus the shrillness of the hysteria; incomplete repression of strong feelings is THE recipe for it). But they get hard and they get wet. And they know that sex is not some sweet, sugary hearts-and-flowers valentine card. Linked in the deep recesses of the cortex to aggression, cruelty, and animal instinct, sex is a powerful and disruptive drive that can blow up a person’s conscious values. So when they hear us proclaim openly our sensual delight in boys, they assume -- correctly -- that some of us some of the time are going to act sexually in ways we will later wish we hadn’t. We’re not that different from the rest of the human race; lust can cloud our judgement too. Can even cause us to do things we know are wrong.

screenshot upon request

Our Investigation

  • Before now, there have been people on the internet who have said that Curtis is Howard Raymond, but until our team did the research, it was unclear how that connection was made.
  • By the time we started doing this research, Raymond had already been "outed" by several people, so he started cleaning the connection up. He removed the sig pic he used on BoyChat which was clearly marked with the "Nebraska Cowman" logo, and replaced it with one that was completely unrelated to the Cowman.
  • He took the sig pic down that he'd used as Curtis on BoyChat from his "Nebraska Cowman" website. At one point, it was linked to his Adventure Stories (http://nebraskacowman.com/adventures_page.html), which show pictures that seem to be drawn by a child.
  • That's the technical side of it, and still not quite proof, since the images are gone, so we were not willing to make the connection at that point in time. However, Raymond did not manage to clean his tracks as well as he thought he did. First, there was this profile at the Tractor Forum, which listed his yahoo account as skyblcurtis, which was full of pictures of boys in, on and around tractors. He posted about these same pictures on pedophile websites. Also, on the tractor forum profile, he says, "Even bad boys are just as good as they can be," which is the same tagline he had on his BLISS postings.
  • Furthermore, his writing style, interests, age and stories were the same at both the Tractor Forum and on pedophile message boards.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Curtis
  • skyblcurtis
  • Curter

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites

Websites frequented by Curtis

Last Known Address

45058 S. Hwy 83
PO Box 33
Wellfleet, NE 69170

Former resident of Pennsylvania

Last Known Phone Number

  • 308-340-1548
  • 308-362-7012
  • 308-539-2644

Additional Quotes

As if those cops posting kp everywhere to trap "pedophiles" aren't themselves getting off on it.

A BL boymoment

Posted by Curtis on 2007-January-11 21:09:17, Thursday

More like an hour.

I've been away on vacation (was off-line for nearly a week -- everyone should try it! Amazing how many books you can get read and the way your mind re-adjusts itself).

On my way to the beach, I stopped over for a couple of days at the home of -- well, let's just call him a well-loved BC poster. While there, I had the rare privilege of watching him -- uh, how to put this -- teach a little boy to do something and do it well. (not THAT, ya pervs! The boy's father was with us as well.)

The boy was an absolute doll -- 8 going on 5, if you follow me. Bright-eyed, intelligent, entrancing little creature, trying as hard as he could to get it right.

And my friend -- our poster -- was also beautiful to watch. What an incredibly fine teacher! Of course he knows his stuff, but it was the empathy, the almost telpathic communication between the two. I was reminded of that phrase in our explanatory webpage concerning the "magnetic empathy" many BLs have for boys; the essence of great teaching.

It was wonderful, life-enhancing experience to watch them. An affirmation that no matter how bad things get, we are right.

I knew of a murdered woman once.

Many years ago, a woman was raped and murdered. Her grief-stricken husband asked a conductor friend of his to put together a choral group to sing at her memorial service. I was in it.

But if something like that happened again -- a woman is brutally raped and murdered -- maybe rather than singing in her memorial service, I will agitate for laws that would prohibit straight men and women who love each other from having sex or getting married.

Makes about as much sense as what Walsh has been up to. But, you know, my voice is shot anyway. No selfrespecting choir would have me anymore.


Pedophiles are becoming increasingly dismayed at the way the world views them, and so they try to change the words that are used to describe them. One of these words is "boylovers." Here are the words of a convicted sex offender, echoing what many other pedophile activists have said:

Posted by Curtis on 2007-July-29

Whenever it is possible to move the discussion away from "pedophilia" to the narrative of boylove -- the narrative of the Boyscouts and Baden-Powell, of the YMCA, of Kahil Gibran's youth, of Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg and Horatio Alger and Gore Vidal and Thomas Mann and Benjamin Britten and Gerald Manley Hopkins and the kouros and Donatello and Leonardo and Caravaggio --I think we stand a chance -- small and tiny though it may be -- of at least getting a hearing.

Whatever; I used to join Jim and some others in campaigning against the p-word with all the arguments I made in my top-level post above. But I realized some years ago it was a lost cause; people here were determined here to use it. It struck me as the equivalent of black people getting emotionally wrapped up with being called "Negroes" but I recognized a futile effort when I saw one.

Additional Information

  • Makes claims of being a writer.
  • Spends time reading.
  • References a cabin.
  • In 2003, Curtis indicated that he has a partner and has been with him for 19 years.
  • Visits with other members of BoyChat in real life.

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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].


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