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Age: 37
Birthdate: May 29, 1982
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: EMT
Location: Monticello, GA
Physical Description:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Average build
Organizations: BoyMoment, Global-Unity
CyberBob is a pedophile from Georgia, who is not only an EMT but is active in the Catholic church he attends. He has stated that he meets most of his YFs and SYFs at his church.
File:CyberBob BMprofile.jpeg
Cyberbob's BM Profile

CyberBob, a regular forum member of BoyMoment and the now defunct site Global-Unity, is a pedophile from Georgia who is not only Catholic, but states that he is considering the priesthood. That is, unless his Dad or his church finds out about his true identity.

Fearful of being found out by his Father and his church, Bob doesn't let it stop him from meeting his YFs and SYFs at church. Although he works as an EMT, he has posted on BoyMoment that he also works with kids at his church and spends most of his free time with them. In addition to his church activities, Bob is also a member of the Knights of Columbus organization. Even though he discusses his desire to join the priesthood, he also admits to having a "bad" side, citing his taste in music and his use of marijuana as his vices. In his free time, he also works as a professional wrestling referee.

CyberBob states that his AoA is of little boys between the ages of 4 and 14 years old. He is primarily attracted to boys who are commonly referred to as "Emo" boys -- that is, boys who are more apt to be depressed or in need. Bob states that he actually enjoys seeing a boy cry, and that he wants to hold them and comfort them. Some of his posts on BoyMoment make it clear that he has had sexual relations with children in the past. He is a danger to any child who comes in contact with him, particularly little boys within his age of attraction.


In response to the question, "Do you wish Little Boys were able to preduce [sic] cum?", CyberBob replies with a statement that seems to indicate an admission of having had sex with young boys:

I dont think it would be cool, because of the sensation of a dry orgasm the way it is now I can see some of my YF's cum and some have dry orgasm's and they both turn me on in different ways. but I would still miss the dry Cum's.

When asked, "Is sex really important to being a Boylover", he responds:

I said yes as long as the boy was comfortable with it.

BUT he would have to be the one asking, and it would not be like "Hey Cyberbob can we have sex?" No, I would talk to him, and only if he totally understood ALL the crap that COULD happen would we do anything, because I love my boys, and i dont want them hurt in any way, and that includes them seeing me going to jail, or him being on a witness stand.

Our Investigation

Our investigation into this individual is ongoing.

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  • CyberBob
  • cyberbob1982ga
  • YIM: cyberbob1982ga
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Additional Quotes

In the following quote, CyberBob mentions a child with whom he has had a romantic relationship. He refers to the child as "G."

I went last weekend to visit a YF that moved away from my area, I had a great time got to sleep with him every night, and fell in love with him all over again. But now that I am at home I feel like I've cut out part of my heart and stomped on it and than thrown it to the dogs. I Miss him SOOOO much it is almost unbareable he is almost 10 and doesnt have an online account, or IM so there is really no easy way for me to talk to him on a regular basis. Yes i do have many other YF's here where i live at but NONE are as special to me as my little G. What should I do? how do i stop feeling like half of a person? Ask any questions and i'll take any advice.

Yes as nearly every one else has said i believe and KNOW that boys at all ages get erections.

For the most part i have meet my YF's/SYF's at church. I love all the kids at church, but there are certain ones who are just sooo special to me and such loving people.

I just HAVE to be different! I Love all boys, but I am most attracted to emotional boys. I LOVE to help and hold a boy who is crying or feels bad, I always want to help them out with their problems, and I hate to say it, but i love to see a boy crying. yes i knbow I am wierd.

NO! I dont believe that god has punished me. I believe that god made me the way I am, I AM a boyLOVER not a boyraper, boymolestor, boy humper, or anything of the sort. I love boys unconditionally no matter what they do, who they are, or how old. Yes I am sexually attracted to boys from age 4-14, but i am an adult, and I can control my urges to jump their bones, or in any other way hurt them. I do believe that when I die if I have taken advantage of a boy I will have to pay for my sin than but not now.

Additional Information

  • Very involved in his church (Catholic)
  • Member of the Knights of Columbus
  • Referees professional wrestling bouts
  • Enjoys spending time at the pool, hockey, and watching NFL football

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